Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Harajuku Mini

If toddlers could understand current pop culture and the adult world's current thirst for designer collaborations, they would be breaking out the bubbles (in their sipper cups).

Gwen Stefani - in partnership with Target - has announced her new range of clothes: Harajuku Mini. Targeted at those who can barely walk, the range is still sure to run out the door. In scenes that I imagine will be reminiscent of previous Target designer ranges (there's quite a few - Stella McCartney, Zac Posen, Josh Goot, Jenny Kee, Napoleon (make-up - which is an ongoing job), Bloom and Collette Dinnigan for underwear) - frantic shoppers (in this case, mothers looking to Suri Cruise-ify their kids) will no doubt be clawing at the doors - and website - of Target in a bid to secure some of the frothy, colourful, Japanese-inspired creations.

As a very niece-proud aunt, there is a chance I may join in the madness, although I do have a serious aversion to queuing up and snatching things from the hands of other shoppers. So we shall see.

The line launches in the USA from November 13.

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