Wednesday, September 14, 2011

J. Crew Women @ NY Fashion Week....

... is beyond fabulous. Makes me think... Please someone (aka current employer) make me redundant so I may take the clams and move to New York in time for the next northern hemisphere's spring/summer. Because THAT is the plan!

Some of the lovely new colours we're seeing for spring/summer (and even currently in stores here in Oz as new season clothes spring up on clothing racks) are pops of neon - mainly yellow, whether in a strong yellow or a more lemon-y sorbet-y type deal-io.

Pretty, huh? I really like this trend. I think the key to success is not to go too mental with the other colours you wear (which should be fairly muted in tone - muted silvers, whites, nudes... black will be too stark), and not go top-to-toe neon. People will get motion sickness looking at you. A lovely tan also helps...

Colour blocking is also huge. HUGE! A few stripes and a fairly unobtrosive print here and there is also allowed, but really I think the SS collections are saying that colour blocking is to be our new favourite pastime.

I would also like to announce that the colour green is having a moment.

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A said...

Love the color blocking! Umm.. am I supposed to read between the lines BTW...?? Hope all is well! x