Monday, January 31, 2011


Sooo many block colours again, but so so pretty! I am loving the embrace lace is receiving from the celebrities at the moment:

It makes me think of a recent InStyle article (a magazine I generally find incredibly dull - which it was, true to form, however the "Think/Rethink" article was excellent!) that I read which told you to rethink your first thoughts re what to wear. So they said "Think: Sequins. Rethink!: Lace". And it's so true! I'm loving the lace right now.

Claire Danes' lipstick is out of this galaxy awesome:

And Christina Hendricks. Hello smouldering!

And of course, the pregnant people...*

Shame on you Nicole. Look how gorgeous these ladies are!

* This does not include Colin Firth. Obviously. He be a man!

*exhale* New York

Thinking about it never ceases to relax. Especially when you think about the luxury hotels it has on offer - in abundance. Morgans looks very comfortable.

At Christmas last year, Morgans released these delightful little cards, full of quotes from luminaries such as Oscar Wilde (above, and truly one of my favourite quotes EVER), Mae West and Woody Allen.

The view from the top:


Friday, January 28, 2011

Travel: All You Need to Know

I'm trying out Tumblr for my trip. Keep up to date on my travails at

Not long to go now...

Long Time, No See

Yes, it's been a while... I feel I should remove the 12 Days of Christmas seeing as I only made it to day 3! It seems odd to look at it now. How long ago was Christmas? So much has happened.

I haven't felt much like writing or posting pictures of pretty, trivial items - things that mean nothing when it's all said and done - when so many people have been suffering of late. It is quite horrifying how quickly treasured items - and things of both financial and emotional value - can metamorphosis into ugly. There were millions of stories of enthusiastic volunteers tossing things that looked like rubbish, only for the owner to lament their losses: items of considerable beauty and value tossed thoughtlessly into a waste heap, growing uglier, because it looked like nothing (at best) or a health hazard (at worst) post Mother Nature's monumental temper tantrum.

They say not to cry for things that will never cry for you. You shouldn't, but it's damn hard not to when those things represent a lifetime of collecting and building. Not to mention the memories.

But. The show must go on. I am back! :o)