Tuesday, December 20, 2011

On the 7th Day of Christmas

My true love teased me for having a Twitter account, Instagram feed, blogspot, Tumblr and Facebook account.

I like to connect, what can I say?

Shoesday: A Slight Progression from Blue

Into purple!

The higher the better. That is all.

Monday, December 19, 2011

On the 6th Day of Christmas

My true love reminded me of what Christmas is really all about...

Ridiculous exercises in consumerism such as my 12 Days of Christmas list sometimes make us forget what Christmas is all about. It's not just an excuse for a public holiday, excessive amounts of food and drink and the receiving of gifts.

Christmas to me signals new life, generosity of spirit, charity, humility, hope and the simplicity of love. As we run around the shops at midnight worried about last minute gifts, and stress about certain family interactions we think we'd rather avoid, it's nice to keep in mind that we have the luxury of such stresses. What to buy? A first world problem indeed.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Friday: Cleopatra

Happy Friday folks!! This weekend I have another Christmas party - themed of course! With a theme of religion I am going as Cleopatra (Egyptian pharoahs were Gods y'all!). Given we lost the stunning Liz Taylor this year, I thought it timely to do a retrospective of how drop-dead gorgeous she was in Cleopatra (I doubt I'll be a patch on her, but it's great inspiration).

Have a great weekend guys! One of the last for 2011!!

On the 5th Day of Christmas

My true gave me the gift of warmth... And MUSIC!

As those who know me will attest, unless it's 30 degrees+, I'm cold. I need a jumper/scarf/cardigan/leg-warmers/all-of-the-above. I am also emotionally attached to my iPod - an item that divides my friends. Sometimes it's running hot (in my opinion it's always running hot), others there's a little too much Britney/Angus & Julia Stone/techno/whatever for whoever's in my radius. But it's because I love pretty much everything (except angry teen music) that I have so much. And I can't part with any of it!

So this gift here, is pretty rad in my opinion!

Juicy Couture faux fur earmuffs with a little spot for your earphones! Brilliant!

On the 4th Day of Christmas

My true love gave to me...

Ever more pink lipstick! Why stop a good thing?

Pink lipstick has brought me UBELIEVABLE good luck this year.

On the 3rd Day of Christmas

My true love chose to indulge my champagne (or in this case, vodka) tastes...

With none other than a Louis Vuitton hip-flask!

They really do think of everything, don't they?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

On the Second Day of Christmas

My true love sent to me...

I know we women are meant to throw our arms up in horror when we are gifted some type of kitchen utensil or other cleaning/pressing device, however how could you possibly not adore this raspberry mix-master sitting in your kitchen?

Fucking awesome. Excuse my French, but this is amaze-balls! Of course it has all the bells and whistles - pasta maker, ice cream maker, sausage maker, vegetable slicer etc...

And if you can't cook, I think it would make a most artistic fruit bowl.

Leaky Boat

Some pictures from Baz Luhrmann's sure-to-be-epic Great Gatsby have been leaked, and my God they look sumptious! I don't care if it is awful (and how could it be, with Leo Di Caprio, Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire involved) - the costumes are sure to be enough for me.

You know you're a superficial grown-up when you're more excited by leaked Gatsby pictures than the prospect of Santa Claus and his bag of presents.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Shoesday: The Glitter Edition

Ready or not, it is the party season! What better way to party the night away than with a pair of glittery Christian Louboutins? I mean really?? What. Better. Way. ??

Didn't think so.

Take your pick, obviously... But being a blue shoe addict, I think we all know which pair I'd choose.

Size 40, if you were wondering.

News Round Up: GOSSIP!

Oh Lordy... Wherever have I been?? At work. Boo.

In the last 2 weeks, there have been some MOMENTOUS changes here in Oz. They are as follows:

* We have another bushranger! Apparently some nutbag has been living in the outback for the past 6 years, evading police who want to have a little chat with him re some trifling matters such as murders and sexual assaults. Police closed in on him last week, but sniper-Ned Kelly shot and wounded an officer. Not cool.

* Queensland legalised gay civil unions (although disappointingly, 40 members of Parliament voted against the passing of the laws). Premier of Queensland Anna Bligh noted on its passing that "This bill is fundamentally about the human rights of Queensland's citizens, but it is much more than that, it is about the joyful business of love." Awwww....

* Topshop opened in Melbourne last Thursday! (As a follow up to the opening of Zara in Sydney earlier this year.. Which I must admit I visited with considerable pleasure on the weekend).

Dontcha just love finding an entire outfit in one store... On the cheap!

* Miranda Kerr got slammed by New York mag for being vacuous, fake and having the personality of an aquarium. Any thoughts on this? It's a fine line between a celeb being annoying for talking too much about politics (yes, you George Clooney!) and not giving any opinions on anything at all whatsoever. A tough line to toe indeed! I thought models were just meant to be seen and not heard anyway? Are we asking a little much of this gorgeous woman? And would we want her to be insanely smart anyway?? We already envy her so much as it is!!

Nothing to say here, folks!

There's your news... In a snapshot! xo

Monday, December 12, 2011

On the First Day of Christmas

Hooray! It's Christmas!!! My favourite time of year - summer, summer fruits, delectable salads, seafood, BBQs with friends, Christmas dinners, Christmas cocktails and invariably a costume party thrown in for good measure (costume party this weekend in fact... I'm going as a terrorist - with Christmas crackers tied around my chest. I'm out of inspiration!).

Christmas also means a time to daydream about the endless possibilities of gifts. Receiving, giving - it doesn't really matter. It's fun to pick the perfect thing for a much cared for person (even if it is yourself!).

So without further ado...

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:

A glamour holiday (only small suitcases need apply as we will buy on arrival) to the back of beyond. Trekking, sunning, supping and sipping... Who cares where, as long as it's fun!*

* Note: the Boy and I are actually planning a few holidays... Japan skiing if finances permit, but the real doozy will be a tour of Europe - primarily France for Tour de France, with a bit of sailing in Croatia, riding bikes in Turkey and lounging in Barcelona. Possibly sight-seeing in Italy. Anyone want to join in? There will be groups! There will definitely be fun!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Yeah.. It was yesterday. But can anyone keep track of days at the moment??

Still obsessed with blue shoes... And this is Montana who won Australia's Next Top Model this year - I watched a few episodes and she's pretty rad!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wu Wu

Jason Wu (a favourite in these parts) has released his pre-Fall 2012 collection.

I am confused. There is a season before Fall? Pre-Fall? I mustn't complain... It means we can see beautiful clothes more of the year!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

1 December

1 December is not just the first day of summer. It's also World Aids day.

After the terrifying advertising campaigns of the late 80s/early 90s (10 pin bowling has just never appealed), and as the statistics gradually slowed, AIDS kind of fell off the awareness register. Australian youths are among the worst at regularly using condoms, and rates of STDs are sky rocketing. It's really just a matter of time before AIDS becomes a scary reality again.

The theme of Australia's World Aids Day was HIV is still here. And I suppose sometimes you need to know what can be lost before you take things seriously. The thought of losing health, precious time and treasured moments, inability to conceive a healthy child.

Freddie Mercury.

Love is grand. Just make it safe!

Thought for Today

Summer Wardrobe

If I could wear just a bikini and a flow-y top for the rest of summer, I would do it in a heartbeat. I would also rather happily strut around in the Suboo summer range - floating catans, little pom-pom detail and fresh sorbet colours. Yes please.

And of course I'd wear a hat. And sunscreen.

Beach Babies

The first day of December is the first day of summer here in the Southern half of the world. As the temperatures soar past 27 degrees, my cold-blooded little heart sings. Warmth, at last! I swear I have some reptile in me. Which is odd really, because I'm awful in the ocean. As a country kid who lived hours from a beach, I never grew up in that great Aussie tradition of being at the beach every weekend. Two weeks at Christmas, but that was about it. And I pretty much always just hung about in the shallows with my dad (when I was little) and sunbaking when I got older (silly girl).

So it was with morbid fascination that I watched a recent science experiment here in Oz which, through the injecting of harmless purple dye into a rip, showed the path and lifecycle of a rip in the ocean.

Check this out:

This is the water being filled up with purple dye.

Anyone who has been caught in a rip knows that it doesn't take long before you're much further from shore than you realise (you move at a rate of about 1 metre/second) and that's when you realise you're in a rip and, if you're me, panic sets in. Which is when we swim parallel to shore (the best method out of a rip). As you can see from the rip, it doesn't just move in a straight line.

The boomerang effect of this other rip shows that even if you can't swim parallel to shore, all is not lost... 80% of rips return back to shore, so if you just lie there and take it easy (i.e. don't panic) you might be transported back to shore safe and sound.

Provided a shark doesn't snap you up!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Eating Echos

Last night I celebrated the end of my old job and the beginning of lots of wonderful new things at one of my favourite Brisbane restaurants - E'cco Bistro. With longstanding famed chef Phillip Johnson at the helm this place is consistently incredible.

While every dish I ordered gave my tastebuds the delights I expected (bloody mary sorbet an absolute star performer), I must admit I had serious food envy at the boy's dessert - while my apricot and coconut gateau was lovely, his chocolate tart was out of this world. But I always feel like I can't order the same as someone else at the table... Does anyone else have this irrational thought process when it comes to ordering? Sharing is part of the fun, after all!

I would also like to recommend Scott wines. We had the Fiano and it was amazeballs. And quite well-priced on the website if you are so inclined.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

And On That Note

From the late, great Steve Jobs.

Also. Did you read his sister's eulogy for him? You should. Read it here.

Shoesday: Movin' On Up

This week, I reignite my ambition and relocate my ego...

I have quit my job. A job that left me dissatisfied, and was starting to make unwelcome inroads into my self-esteem and understanding of my own abilities. So I snuck out of my workplace a week and a half ago and have been non-stop since. Job hunting (I can't handle the thought of not working! What is that? I thought I'd enjoy being a lady of leisure!), looking at short courses to become a freelance writer (not likely to pay the bills for quite some time), meeting writers who are freelancers and feeling completely inspired, meeting women with their own businesses who again inspired me - and offered me jobs!

Frankly, at all these meetings I had, I was amazed at every step. I think when your self-esteem takes continual batterings (2 cheating boyfriends and a less than fantastic job can do that for you!) you do start to doubt many things... And I'm a doubter of my own abilities already! So it was with huge, happy surprise that at these meetings I realised I can do stuff!

Yeah. Silly, huh?

I have suddenly realised that my half-heartedness in certain endeavours was fear of failure. Which sets you up for failure anyway.

While certain projects are now simmering away with far more enthusiasm and effort vowed to be made than ever before, I will be taking up a new job on a 6 month contract which I am really excited about. I was shocked to be told by my future employer that I was undervaluing myself, and would I like to suggest another - higher - figure for my salary. Does that happen?? I guess it does now!

Ok... There aren't many shoes in this post. But it's all about climbing the ladder - barefoot or in heels, I don't care how you do it. :o)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Share Your Secret

You are probably well aware of my Victoria's Secret fascination. It is honestly one of my ambitions in life to go to a show in New York City. I am well aware that there is a 99% chance this will never happen, but you gotta dream of something right? ;o)

Note: The music is a little all over the shop here, but it's so much FUN! And how cute is Orlando Bloom and his standing ovations for stunning wife, Miranda Kerr? Adorabubble!

Role Models

I thought you might enjoy this little snippet from TV program MamaMia which airs on Sky TV here in Oz - it's a Gen Y guy discussing what it is he likes about Sam de Brito.

He writes an article about it here also. I read Sam's blog ritualistically. It has become a habit so deeply a part of my life that it's almost as habitual as brushing my teeth before bed (drunk, sober, sick whatever - those teethy pegs get cleaned). I really enjoy his male perspective on things, and his endeavours at honesty (even when it's been painful for him - and my heart broke a little for him when his relationship broke down around this time last year) and bringing male issues into the world of public discussion. Having known far too many men and boys who have suffered depression and, with some of these lives ended too soon, I really believe Sam's voice is one that we should take heed of. And yes, I do believe he should be teaching sex ed/life skills at school - including to the girls!

The thing I really liked about the 2 minute snippet I've linked to above though, is the acknowledgment that in a sea of voices - bloggers, tweeters, writers, Facebook gurus etc - we can still find a voice that cuts through the din. We really do listen to the relevant bits, and I suppose that gives a bit of heart to that tribal issue, and the growing homogeneity of information I discussed earlier this year. I must admit, while I love the pretty pictures on blogs scattered widely across the blogosphere, my favourite blogs are the ones that tell a story of discovery and growth in an honest way.

What are you favourite kinds of blogs and why?

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Tim Burton really is the king of Halloween-type everything. Whether he meant to or not!

I was incredibly envious when Melbourne last year hosted an exhibition at the Australian Centre for Moving Image (developed in collaboration with the master himself) of over 700 of his gothically touching works, including paintings, drawings, puppets, costumes, storyboards and film. The exhibition came direct from MoMA in New York (double sigh!). The Centre is currently hosting an exhibition of another great favourite of mine - Margaret & David! (Of At The Movies fame! Did I have to spell that out??)

It's Margaret & David's 25th anniversary... While I want them to last forever, I would also really like to steal Margaret's job! See details of the exhibition here. Anyone off to Melbourne any time soon? You should check it out! Assuming your aircraft leaves the hangar, that is...

There's no cure. I know what my fate is.

There's a bit of a time commitment with these two videos (about 20 minutes in all), and I would suggest you watch this not at work - otherwise you'll be blubbing over your keyboard in view of your colleagues. I'm ordinarily fairly unimpressed with how the commercial networks deal with stories such as these - I find they seek to make you cry in a sort of exploitative kind of way, but you'll see that they've left the ham-fisting well alone here.

Motor Neurone Disease (MND) is an illness that is relatively enigmatic to the medical research community. Funding for important research is grossly inadequate (possibly due to the fact that at 1400 diagnoses in Australia per year, it's not as high profile as other terminal illnesses), and as a result, we are still some way from a cure for this impossibly cruel disease. MND is basically a degeneration of nerves in the body which results in a loss of muscle function. The mind is not affected, meaning sufferers retain all their senses (sight, sound, touch, smell, taste) and their intellect is not impaired in any way. The progression of MND throughout the body varies, however it is terminal, and sufferers usually have between 3-5 years of life from initial diagnosis.

5-10% of cases are familial, with the remaining 90-95% caused by reasons unknown. Only further medical research can identify causes and, hopefully one day, a cure.

My mum's mum - my grandma - died of MND. It attacked her hands and arms first, which was so awful as she was an artist. We have half-complete paintings of hers hanging on the walls at home. Eventually, she was hospitalised for care and she soon passed away. I was only a toddler, so never knew her. Mum lost her mum far too soon. It makes me sad whenever I think about it - and it honestly is a lot.

Each year, I donate to MND research. It takes a little more effort than making a donation for, say breast cancer (which it's basically impossible not to donate to: it has an entire month of fundraising devoted to it, and significant mobilisation in the corporate world behind it with packets of Tim Tams, bottles of water, wash-your-car gloves (I have one) and pink ribbons etc for sale on every street corner it seems). While I wouldn't say not to donate to other charities, or that one form of medical research is more important than another, I suppose we take on a cause as our own - often for fairly personal reasons (or, you simply like the pen).

In my own quiet way (and now blogged about... does that make it quiet? I suppose not), MND is my cause. The 1400 Aussies who are diagnosed each year, and the 12 Australians who die per week of this illness would be most grateful if it became your cause this year, too.

You can donate here.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Saying Au Revoir

As people who have navigated the sometimes calm, often treacherous waters of relationships, I'm sure we all know for certain one thing: we can never read the minds of our partners/dates/friends. Strangely, I can generally guess what my parents thinking... ;o)

You may remember my previous post that contained this simple message: When love gets serious, say au revoir to old flames. Full stop.

Of course, this is evidently my own view on things. No two people will share the same principles or opinions - and it's finding the balance between views that you're comfortable with that can make a relationship work. But if one person's view is so polar opposite on something that is quite important to you, I wonder how much difference of principle you can tolerate?

I can't read his mind... But I'm happy to perve on him!

So these are principles I'm talking - and it can be anything. If you have some serious rules for serious love, and your partner has wildly divergent principles - do you put up with it? Can it work? Principles (supported by sound reasons for their development), unlike habits, are things to hold on to, surely? Many things in life are shades of grey, but when there are things that are simply black and white - why complicate them by entering the grey zone?

Sometimes things are simply black or white

Spell It Out

Kate Sylvester AW12 The Secretary Collection from Garth Badger on Vimeo.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Friday: Early Halloween

It's almost the weekend!

As you know, I do love a good dress-up party. To celebrate a new home and new flatmate, Halloween is coming a week or so early to Brisvegas, as we warm the house... And hope not to have any deathly coloured drinks spilt on our lovely white carpet.

Brainstorming sessions have been held, and as we know, inspiration can come from the unlikeliest of places ! I've decided on Black Swan (I found my pointe shoes in a box... It seems natural!). I'm trekking out to the outer, outer suburbs of Brisbane to find myself a tutu. I am horrified at the cost of 6 layers of tulle, so I feel my trek will be worth it!

Have a wonderful weekend!