Thursday, March 24, 2016

Mario Testino Loves Oz

Mario Testino has guest-edited his first ever Vogue Australia cover, and in signature Testino style he has celebrated the beauty of the location as much as the beauty of the people.

Lara Stone covers Vogue Australia April 2016, as shot by Mario Testino
Particularly well known for his loving shots of Rio de Janeiro (he spent many years though growing up), Testino has appeared Down Under with a bunch of similarly iconic shots, sure to be a keepsake for Vogue tragics everywhere.

Happy Fake Friday

Husband and I are readying to embark on a week long road trip from South Australia to Victoria - sipping our way through the Coonawarra wine region (some more than others... there's always a designated driver)

... hiking through the Grampians and Otway National Park, zipping along the Great Ocean Road with a soft landing in the gorgeously named Port Fairy for a wedding in a week's time.

Easter has always been my favourite time of year (mainly because of the abundance of chocolate, public holidays and proximity to my birthday - i.e. more gifts!), and it always seems right to celebrate it with a road trip. A road trip is always all the more better with someone you want to spend time with (remember the excruciating road trips with your parents as a child? no say over what's on the radio, let alone where you're going!).

After a long period of time not seeing much of each other - to be honest, almost our entire marriage we have seen each other on average only 30% of the time  - it is nice to be living in the same place as each other and, rather than "meeting up" at our final destination, it's great to finally be heading to that destination together in the same vehicle. While I think long distance relationships or FIFO life can work for some people, it is definitely not for everyone. No matter how robust your relationship might be, there are triggers that can make things tough - be it distance, one partner's emotional baggage, financial stress or whatever. Being able to identify those triggers and right things before they get out of hand is essential. While it's not nice to experience crappy times, it's probably also ... (oh God, I'm going to say it) "character building" for you, your partner and your relationship - provided you get through it of course! Although I must say, there is also something rather character building about surviving a big break-up, but that's not where this ship is sailing today.

I hope your Easter is full of good quality chocolate, luxuriously long work-free days and of course time well spent with those you love. xo