Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chain store blues?

Back in my teens I loved the Aussie chain store Portmans but as I got older, Portmans didn't seem to follow me... I felt their styles became tired and a bit blah.

However Portmans are slowly revamping their look. First they got Miranda Kerr on board to be the face of the brand (although she is no longer with them), Bloom cosmetics started selling their range instore, Willow designed a capsule collection a few years back and now Camilla and Marc are launching their new capsule collection for the chain.

Camilla and Marc are the brother sister designer duo from Sydney who are known for their feminine, quirky and edgy designs. The new Portmans collection boasts printed dresses, tulle and sequined blazers. Prices range from $250-$350 and will be instore early October.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Neeh... What's Up Doc?

Another gap-toothed model beauty has emerged as Georgia May Jagger (daughter of Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger) fronts Hudson Jeans' latest ad campaign. In a Vanity Fair spread, she admits modelling isn't her main goal in life, and that she's using the creative opportunities to springboard into other areas such as art and photography.

Answer honestly. Would you not kill for such genetics?

I Choo-Choo-Choose You

How could forget Bachelor Bob and his ridiculous comments both on The Bachelorette (where he got his start as an apparently "adorable" guy because, I can only assume, he was fat and desperate) and then when he had his own show, The Bachelor, where he became by all accounts something of an asshole. Abso-toot-ly!

Completely unrelated to that, but perhaps less forgettable, is the release of Jimmy Choo's range for H&M (due in store in the States from 14 November) as Phuong had mentioned much earlier. Here are some shots from the launch campaign.

Retail madness can only ensue from this point.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Friday: Brain Explosion

No blogging due to horror cold, made far worse by the insane dust storm that hit the East coast of Oz this week. I ate dust, literally, a whole day as breathing through my nose just is not an option right now. I still feel like my teeth are going to fly out of my head any instant, such is the pressure in my nose. I am quite sure I've blown 25L of liquid out of my nose in the past 70 hours. Blessedly, I have watched plenty of Mad Men to feel better.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Out of Africa

Diane Von Furstenberg at New York Fashion Week also took inspiration from the African scape, with animal prints, desert sandals and draped dresses floating down the catwalk on Egyptian princesses. Beautiful hair and accessories have me pining for that trip to Morocco I plan on doing.

Walk Like A Slightly Grecian Egyptian

Sass & Bide's latest Spring/Summer 2010 collection - shown at London Fashion Week - has the usual edginess we've come to expect from this dynamic Aussie duo. The show started out in the African jungle, with a strong, zebra-inspired black and white theme.

Carried over from their winter offerings came some structured, cut-out pieces, but it wasn't long before we were treated to that African-infusion we've come to expect in coming seasons since the launch of Louis Vuitton's tribal-inspired collection at the start of the year.

Think Grecian goddess meets Egyptian warrior prince. The beaten gold embellishments are beautifully - and often intricately - structured, a stunning contrast to the often flowing garments. I've really liked the introduction of the maxi-dress on Sass & Bide's terms lately, however as always it's the mini-mini that shines in their collection.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Olivia Wilde

It's uni day, ok?

Thoughts? She has such a fantastic figure and beautiful face she can get away with daring outfits like this.

New Blog: Food Play

Since I'm nearing my 3pm sugar low (which results in stuffing my face with sugary foods, generally the Natural Confectionary Company Sour Worms - yummmm! - or chico babies), this blog is particularly appealing. I think you other contributors will like this - it combines very cute pics and stories (hello Miss Bubble!) with Japan-related content (hello Miss Never-Post!). Happy Monday - this is my gift to you. :o)

Emmys Watch

Hooray! Insanely talented Toni Collete won for her work on United States of Tara - another of those quirkly shows that half the world loves, a quarter hates and the other quarter just "doesn't get it". How fabulous did she look on the red carpet?

Other pretty dresses to be trotted out down the carpet included the glorious Cat Deeley (best TV show host ever), Christina Hendricks of Mad Men fame, Holly Hunter, Heidi Klum taking yummy mummy to all new (pregnant) levels and so on.

Strapless gowns, nude hues and lovely metallics aplenty.

No Reason Left For You to Fight

Kyle Sandilands has been making the news for all the wrong reasons of late. However you know that it's a big story when they call in the psychologists to explain someone's behaviour. I love psychologists, their perspective on things is always so fascinating, and generally quite different to the usual ("small man syndrome" etc) reasons we throw at someone's problems.

Following a particular drama over the weather in Sydney (broadcasting from LA, Kyle requires weather info to be sent to him and on this particular day, apparently two conflicting weather reports sat on his desk). After Kyle had a go at someone in the Sydney office for providing the wrong information, and then being told in response it was a problem from his end, Kyle immediately went on the offensive, calling the guy “full of dementia”, “a mental patient”, “a stupid prick”, “a moron” and “a bloody idiot”. [Let's not even comment on Kyle's intellect, shall we?]

The Sydney Morning Herald describes the rest of the incident as follows:
"When Field took exception to the abuse, Sandilands yelled, “Shut your effing pie hole. I'm not pissing around.” He ordered Field to turn off his microphone and when Field didn't immediately acquiesce, Sandilands turned on a producer. “Take him off the air, Sarah. Are you an idiot as well? Get him off.”

Jackie O sounded distressed, with the despairing mother trying to keep the peace in a toxic family. “Let's not fight,” she pleaded. “Kyle, what's wrong with you? Why are you so angry?” It had no effect. “I want him off,” Sandilands screamed. “If I say he's off, he's off. That's the way it is. Get this shit done.”"

SMH invited a shrink to listen to the audio and offer her view of his behaviour:
"She believes he displays symptoms associated with narcissistic or borderline personality disorder. He has such a fragile sense of self that when he's challenged or feels a loss of face, he becomes highly agitated and loses rational control. The more stress he's under, the more likely he is to lash out. ... The psychologist says there's a danger that the more management tries to exert control, the more irrational and explosive Sandilands will become."

Sounds like an ex-boyfriend of mine.