Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Friday: Coffees and Nanna Naps

Oh, and a few parties. Dammit.

I am dying to sleep. I have been sick with a hacking cough for close to a month and all I want to do is get better! I can't exercise, I am loathe to party too hard, and I'm racking up an immense credit card because all I have the energy for is internet shopping.

This weekend I shunt the new man off on holiday - which I'm kind of looking forward to. He is a night owl, and I - a devoted early bird - have been trying to be both night owl and early bird at once, and I believe this may be contributing to my not getting better. That, or I have whooping cough.

So while I will be showing my face at a few parties, it will be more about the catch-ups with friends. Coffee and/or tea depending on the setting.

And naps. Many, many naps. I hope.

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