Thursday, September 8, 2011

Collaborate At Will

We've probably all got some kind of designer-collaborates-with-[insert name of retail chain] in our wardrobes. As I've mentioned previously, there is something very appealing about the idea of getting closer to wearing designer gear through the cheaper channels of a collaboration with a chain.

Already pretty freakin' excellent in its offerings anyway, H&M is really leading the charge with its collaborations. Not only has it partnered with pop stars (Madonna, Kylie Minogue), but it's partnered with some pretty excellent designers also - including Lanvin, Comme Des Garcons, Viktor & Rolf, Roberto Cavalli, Stella McCartney (she's such a collab tart) and Marimekko. In November H&M will be releasing its latest set of collaborated gear - this time with Versace!

Here's a sneak peek:
Abbey Lee Kershaw is also rad. .

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A Sunny Disposition said...

OMG can't wait to get to H&M in Paris... Seriously need to take a very empty suitcase over there I think.. I would love a blazer in that design I reckon..