Friday, September 30, 2011

Straddling the Seasons with Style and Aplomb

God I hope I spelt "aplomb" correctly... I also wanted to use "straddle" because it is such an evocative word. Whether it's good or bad is really up to your imagination, isn't it?

I read this fantastic article on transeasonal dressing, which I felt obliged to share. Because dressing between the seasons can be confusing, particularly when the weather is totally whack. One minute there's a bushfire blazing on the outskirts of town in dry heat, the next it's pouring with rain and you're contemplating a return to opaque stockings and wool. Tough. All your questions - and more! - answered below.

Swap Coats For Trenches

Pack away your heavy coats and invest in a light trench. It will be your all-weather saviour. Trenches have all the tailoring of your favourite winter coat without the extra weight. Slip it on over a dress or jeans and a t-shirt for an instantly pulled-together look.

Swap Dark For Light

Cream, pale grey and tan are great colour options for this time of year. The key to comfort is layering, so choose pieces that you can peel off and on. Try switching a black blazer for a neutral tone and layer it over a sleeveless shift or silk blouse to instantly freshen your outfit.

Swap Tights For A Tan

Time to lose the opaque tights. I know! Make the transition easier by using a fake tanner (the daily spray-on/wash-off blends are fantastic emergency options) or try a pair of new–season cropped, slim-fit trousers. This style looks best with a single-breasted blazer, silk blouse or mid-length trench. Dial up the colour with a pair in hot orange, fuchsia or cobalt blue.

Swap Boots for Sandals

Ankle boots without stockings work well with dresses all year round but it's time to swap heavier styles for peep-toe pumps or flat sandals. This means a pedicure. You can update your entire look with one of summers' hottest nail polish shades: neon yellow or pink, pale grey or creamy coffee.

All images courtesy of guest editor, Paula Joye.

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