Thursday, July 28, 2011


This weekend I'm going to Splendour in the Grass. I've never been to a music festival where I've had to camp before... Nor have I been to one that goes longer than a day. So I'm pretty excited! But of course... It wouldn't be an event if I didn't wonder what on earth to wear!

Festival looks can be loosely categorised as:
1. Boho / hippie / Woodstock chic – think feathers, well-worn tan leather sandals (flat), mini skirts, tassles, earthy hues and floppy felt hats. Made famous by Sienna Miller, Nicole Richie and that skinny girl who went out with Orlando Bloom at one time. Also Angus & Julia Stone.

2. Rock chick chic – Kate Moss has famously nailed this look mashing up fitted flannelette shirts and fur jackets with skin-tight black leather pants, or baggy rock tees and denim cut-offs with gumboots for the warmer months. Messy, long blonde hair, slightly mussed dark eye-liner and vodka in the hand are essential partners to this look.

3. Hipster girl – Alexa Chung. Raybans. That is all.

4. Fluorescent trashbag – those girls with fake tans, boobs hanging out, aviators, denim cut-offs (no matter how cold it is), peroxide blonde and trowel-loads of foundation. Alcohol a must. Gumboots probably the one item of clothing that cover the most amount of flesh in one item of clothing. Do feet really count, though?

So I’m thinking there will be some strange pairings of 1 and 2 with a bit of 3 thrown in for good measure. The fluorescent trashbag is a little less my style these days, but hey – each to their own!

Here is my style inspiration.

Yeah, I know. It's a bit of a mess. Hopefully it will come together while I'm dressing in the teepee... No full-length mirrors on a campsite though, so who knows!

Vogue magazine suggested "packing light" but that just doesn't sound right to me... People have also looked at me aghast when I say I'm wearing heels (wedges! Not that bad!)... Sorry people, but the longer the leg the better! If it all hurts too much, I will of course have flats in my teepee. And if it rains... gumboots.

Does anyone have any tips? Is it wrong to take a nice handbag (which is festival-ish)? Is it wrong to wear good (Chanel) sunglasses... Will I just want to take them off anyway? Should I be wearing el cheapos? I'm leaning towards no sunglasses... Or just the pink heartshaped ones I picked up in Singapore!

I'm Someone Else's Now

And I'm pretty happy about that. xo

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Film Review: Bridesmaids (Another Rom Com)

I am unashamedly well behind the 8 ball on this review, but I will happily blame it on the fact that I was busy being a real-life bridesmaid when the film was released and there simply was no time to get to a cinema!

Bridesmaids is Judd Apatow’s version of The Hangover – for women. Apparently.

It started so, so well. The first half was so funny! I snorted with laughter – loudly – many times. It was rollicking and funny, and a clever insight into female rivalries. It really did seem like it was going to be The Hangover for women – they were all set to head to Vegas for the hens night… And then it just kind of slid downhill, and got a bit tired.

The film begins with Lillian asking her childhood friend, Annie (Kirsten Wiig), to be her maid of honour. From here we begin the journey every bridesmaid must take in delivering the best in friendship a girl can give to her friend – hens night, trying on dresses, deciding on themes and kitchen teas. At the engagement party, we meet the other bridesmaids, particularly the beyond-perfect Helen (divine Rose Byrne) who seems to have her eye on the MoH prize, despite having really only just met Lillian in friendship terms (8 months? Pffft!).

Melissa McCarthy (of Gilmore Girls fame) flushes viewers down into swirling toilet humour in an odd David Brent-style manner. Annie's life becomes progressively shittier: her bakery has gone bust; she is shagging an awful man (played by Jon Hamm… It hurt me to see him playing such an ass on screen) when she should be with the nice man who wants to be kind to her; she has been kicked out by her freaky flatmates and must live with her mother; and worst of all, Lillian – the bride-to-be and Annie’s best friend – ditches her as MoH because Helen seems like a better, more well-organised friend. And suddenly the film just wasn’t that funny any more. Why did the angst need to come into this in such a heavy handed manner? Couldn't it have been just a little more light-hearted?

Rose Byrne was very pretty, on the plus side

Is this 30 year old single girl angst that made me not love this overly? I’m not sure.

I’m just not into repetitive toilet humour. Maybe once, but not at length. I don’t like it when comedians try to rip off a character that has been carefully crafted and brilliantly delivered by another comedian. And when it’s meant to be a comedy, can we just leave all the angst out please? These were my gripes. I did enjoy the film aside from that - the characters were inoffensive enough, and of course David Brent masquerading as a woman was funny, and there were some very sweet and funny moments that warmed the heart. So all in all, I didn’t mind Bridesmaids overly. It really just made me feel like an elitist snob for not enjoying the toilet humour while the rest of the cinema seemed to be roaring with laughter.

Rose Byrne wears some gorgeous outfits, and I thought the wedding was a total hoot at the end (once we clawed our way there). This is one of those movies you watch when you are hungover on a couch, and not feeling overly emo about your life's direction. Wait til it’s a weekly. 3 stars.

The characters had more character in this picture than in the whole film...

Soul Break

As we all know by now, uber-talented - and equally tortured by fame and addiction - Amy Winehouse passed away on Saturday evening.

Imagine dying at 27. Tragic. With only 2 albums to her name, you can't help but wonder what she might have achieved had she lived longer, and battled her demons. But, we shall never know.

They played this song at her funeral... Apparently it was one of her favourites.

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Good Wife

SJP really bumped up her family-friendly credentials in US Vogue the other month...

I like the yellow.

Happy Friday: Chill Factor

So... It's still cold here. But not as bad. I'm still hibernating in preparation for Splendour this weekend... Still wondering what on earth I'm going to wear - from warm-ish day to freezing night. I'm guessing this may result in mandatory wardrobe changes. Which means SIX outfits, not three! Shit!!!

So it will be long hot showers (I hate baths), books, cooking and a Paul Kelly concert for entertainment this weekend. And Harry Potter tonight! I've never seen or read a single HP in my life, but feel I shouldn't let this moment in pop culture pass me by. So. 3D tonight, without a clue what it's all about (I have read the wiki-summaries, but these seemed a little bare on detail). I'll figure it out. Good vs Evil right? ;o)

Stella Does Everything

Stella McCartney has her finger in pretty much every fashionable pie that's available: sportswear, couture, ready-to-wear, shoes, handbags, books (!) and now ... lingerie. Naturally!

Images from her bridal lingerie collection. Lovely.

Hair Envy

It probably wouldn't be too much of a stretch to suggest that I was initially lured into the world of law by TV shows (yes, you Ally McBeal!), films and John Grisham novels.* Like most things, the TV version wasn't quite like the reality...

Although no longer a lawyer, I still adore my legal dramas. Boston Legal was a firm favourite for ages, and I do love me some Good Wife.

The latest legal drama to really capture my attention - and imagination (uh-oh... am I going to start applying for lawyer jobs now?) - is Crownies, on the ABC. Based within the world of the Department of Public Prosecutions (a workplace determined to bring wrongdoers to "justice" - whatever that is, as you discover), Crownies follows 5 young lawyers as they balance their lives with a demanding, competitive and politically charged workplace. As the ABC website notes: They are committed, idealistic and hard-working, but their lives away from the office are filled with aspirations, explorations, fragile relationships and partying.

My favourite character is Tatum, the uber-Gen Y hottie solicitor whose dad has links to the crime world, and who has some of the BEST hair I have seen in a very long time.

Damn. Her hair is tied back.

Often under-estimated in the workplace, she has a heart of gold and brains that can solve even the most unusual of problems. Engaged to a very hot man (without the brains to keep up with her very obvious genius), she obtains intellectual fulfilment from Richard, the office nerd of questionable sexuality who has some demons that are well-hidden but bubbling not too far from the surface. Pretty sure there are going to be some issues with that little friendship later on down the track...

Here is a quick look at Tatum Novak.

Her motto is fabulous: Gaudeamus igitur iuvenes dum sumus - Therefore, let us rejoice while we are young

Watch it (and the very attractive rest of the cast!) on iView!

* I was young and idealistic, OK?

Bam! Bitch Goes Down

Who just doesn’t love the drama of a scandal that captures our attention longer than the usual 24 hour news cycle… And is about the news cycle itself!

What would probably have been enough to turn a 140-character attention span right off became the subject of much mirth globally. As proceedings at the Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee kicked off – lengthy and lacking charisma until reinterpreted by the press into bite-size chunks – Rupert Murdoch copped a faceful of shaving cream by a loony Twitter-er… And said loon copped a sharp left in the face from Murdoch Senior’s wife, Wendi Deng (she reportedly now has way more fans on Facebook as a result). Murdoch Junior just sat there.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lighten Up

Sorbet colours make me happy. (From Jenni Kayne resort collection)

Media Watch

It’s been a big week for media.

Not only was Julian Assange announced as preaching to the masses at Splendour (irritating!), and not only has the mysterious (to tech-tards such as myself) Google+ been launched, but the Murdoch empire has been facing some serious scrutiny into its methods of “investigation” (aka stalking, harassment, bribery and blackmail) and reporting. The Murdoch saga has even snaked its way to the doorstep of 10 Downing Street: British PM David Cameron’s media advisor is a former News of the World editor (likely to beat out used car salesman in this year’s “least trusted profession” polls) who is suspected of knowing about the use of phone hacking as a creative new source for its journalists. Furthermore, Paris Hilton has cracked it at suggestions she may be well past it, and Kim Kardashian is suing Gap – over a look-alike model and an unathorised breach of the IP in her image… Interesting. How similar must one look to us before we can sue for an infringement of our personal IP? I have a double walking around Sydney and Brisbane. This might be my ticket to the big bucks!

Not only all of those things, and arguably more importantly…

…Today marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of late media theorist (and visionary), Marshall McLuhan. The Canadian is credited with coining the phrases “the global village” – which he described as extreme concern with everybody else’s business – and “the medium is the message”. He also described what we now know as the internet – 30 YEARS before it existed. (He probably wrote sci-fi novels in his head, too).

He suggested that radio and TV – the mediums of the day – would become an “extension of our central nervous system”. I think given the extension of our hands to our mobile handsets with internet connectivity, that we could safely suggest that the internet – and its various modes of delivery (handset, iPad/other tablet [is there one?]/laptop/etc) – is most definitely a part of our collective central nervous system today. In fact, if I’m without internet, my nervous system becomes awfully agitated!

Constantly wired... Even when running!

His words are still so apt – particularly his comment that media would result in the electrical re-tribalisation of the West. Much like Google+ Circles, we clump together based on interests. We may dismiss a potential date or new friend based on their “Info” on Facebook, and form friendships that may never have existed through a blog that encapsulates common interests and concerns (like… dating and shoes!). There’s nothing particularly wrong with it, however we probably should recognise that media plays a fairly significant role in our foray into how and who we socialise with. One possibly dangerous element to this re-tribalisation may be a tendency then to only use the Internet – with its infinite possibilities for information sharing and the spread of ideas – for limited purposes that suit only the “tribe” – less openness, more closure to those who don’t belong or feed us the information we want to hear? I suppose the Assange’s of this world are here to ensure our tribes face a few ugly truths, and that we continue to question who provides us with our news. I still don’t think he belongs at Splendour, though… It’s about music, not politics!

McLuhan also warned that an “age of anxiety” would be upon us, driven in large part by the loss of privacy associated with the new age of electronic media. Is my FB cool enough? Is my blog funny enough? Why am I doing nothing tonight, when I know that about 80 of my friends are out partying (according to Twitter)? and on and on. For example. :o)

All this at a time when a new report suggests that although Gen Y is more connected than ever, we also are lonelier than ever.

In celebration of his cleverness, ABC Radio National is running a series of broadcasts as part of its McLuhan Project.

Please, please check out some of the archives here. (Seriously well worth watching if you have the time – even if it is just to look at the fantastic 70s clothes and hair!).

The anniversary of his birth is a great time to pause and reflect on how we use the Internet – are we getting dumber and more narrow-minded because we have built whole communities that validate our ignorance? Are we meaner to people because our bullying is less proximate physically? etc... And where might we be going in the future with the use of the internet? Will it be used for good or evil?

Do we need to venture out a little more - from the safe confines of our "favourites"?

Thoughts? (Apart from: WHOA that’s some heavy, garbled shit right there).

I would also like to note that McLuhan's comment that radio people are far more literate than TV people is probably still very accurate today.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Red Hot

I often play with the idea of going red...

That skirt reminds me that I want hot pink pants!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Story of the Lip Colour

You may remember my semi-desperate search for Lara Bingle’s ill-fated Dancing with the Stars lipstick. It was brightly coloured, and love at first sight.

So I dawdled on a few weeks without really looking into it. I contemplated tweeting her, but ultimately decided it was a bit psycho. So eventually I aimlessly wandered into Mecca Cosmetica in Queens Plaza (which, for Brisbane peeps who haven’t been in for a while, is undergoing massive transformation including a Chanel store!) and pulled out my phone and Googled Lara’s lips. Erm… Still kinda weird, but also not really. This was after the sales assistant expressed considerable reservations regarding my desire to emulate Ms Bingle… Perhaps there’s something about Lara Bingle that I don’t know, but no one seems to like her. I really like her! In fact, people hating on her makes me like her even more.

After a few seconds of thought, my little make-up adviser struck on the perfect colours. After some playing on her part and umm-ing and aaaah-ing on mine (combined cost = $92! Ouch!), I decided to just get it. Totally spontaneously and without much thought for my credit card cringing inside my wallet. (Sorry, credit card).

The next day, at the first of two birthday parties that I attended that day, I applied the lipstick. It was perfect. I was happy. A match made in heaven, my lipstick and I happily attended the party. Much to do was made about the lipstick – it’s bright and it’s bold, and it’s definitely not for the shrinking violets among us. The other benefit of the lippie is that a little smear on the rim of your champagne glass means no one will accidentally take your glass (I always get nervous about cold sores being passed to my disease-less lips from a mistaken glass). It also means every person who gets a kiss on the cheek also has an extra bit of time with me as I wipe the hot pink from their faces. We all started calling it nuclear, because it was so freakin’ bright.

I wonder if I can tweet Lara and ask if she gets similar reactions to the lipstick?

And then I looked up and across the room I saw a guy. And he had quite obviously also seen me. Time passes, he sits beside me and a friend on the biggest man-chair you've ever seen. True to form, I instantly become tongue-tied and thankfully become distracted by someone else to talk to. And then I have to leave, because I have another party to attend. Before I leave, I ensure I find out who he is, whether he’s single (yes – for a year in order to recover from heartbreak) and if he’s nice (another yes).

The next day, I wonder if I’ll hear from him.

Indeed I do. And how.

Hi Rachel (we met briefly on the couch). I can’t help but regret not getting to know you a little better (and the huge couch for that matter). So if you are in fact ‘single and lovely’ as described, then maybe you’d be willing to wear that lovely pink lipstick out on a date with me? I am also ‘single and lovely’ depending how you define lovely. See, we have so much in common ;)

Um. Wow. A win for lipstick.

I should let Lara know.

Shoesday: These Boot(ie)s Are Made for Walkin' Over You or Project Dignity

Ali has commenced Project Dignity - read about it here. (I would ordinarily comment, but lately I've had massive comment issues... I think Google doesn't like that the sign-in for this blog is different to my gmail sign-in. I can't figure out how to transfer it to my gmail. Confused? Me too).

Project Dignity. In a nutshell, a project to ensure that one maintains her dignity in the aftermath of either a break-up or other romantic mishap.

Step One: Remove him as your friend on Facebook. Hellz yes. Immediately! You will probably find that the subject of removal does not enjoy such removal as, while you are healthily moving on without the tools at your disposal to engage in serious stalker behaviour, they would still like to stalk you from time to time. Just to know what you’re up to, of course. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s that boys don’t like you moving on from them (even if they’ve got a new squeeze) and equally they don’t like the power imbalance that occurs when they realise they’ve been removed as a “friend” in circumstances beyond their control.

Read a book, not his wall.

Step Two: Allow him to engage with you – if you must – but only when he initiates contact, and only in a cool-heads kind of way. I am often torn between playing it cold (to the point of Ice Queen) to ensure they are aware of their poor behaviour, to being Miss Bubbly 2011 (or whatever year it is) so as they must see how little their actions have affected me – to the point that I am more happy not interacting them than I was previously. It’s a tough call. Best bet: go for the middle line. Be an Ice Queen in the sense that you’re not seeking him out, and if you’re fine with interactions (sometimes you just can’t!) then be your usual pleasant self. Don’t go overboard with Miss Bubbly because it can look fake and you can’t maintain it if it’s not you… But walking around like a sourpuss because of his behaviour does you no favours. Laugh and the world laughs with you…

That's right... You're nice to him, but he messed you around and you haven't forgotten!

Step Three: Only the Circle of Trust (COT) may know of your pain/confusion/frustration. Telling your mutual friends of how hurt you are should not occur, unless they are your COT and not his. If they’re more his COT than yours, then say nothing. Miss Bubbly must come in to play. Further, any attempts to tell “your side of the story” may be construed as “crazy” later on down the track. Take the high road. A simple “he chose his destiny” or “it’s really no big deal, I just thought it was a little weird on his part” should suffice. And of course, you are like, whatever about it right now because you have so many other pots bubbling away. Screw him, and screw his friends. You’re not there to provide them with some juicy gossip for them to discuss later. The less you say, the sooner people stop talking about it. Be like a Royal and keep your trap shut. (Soooo hard – especially when you’re the wronged party!). But bitch to your own COT as much as you please (but not so they get sick of hearing his name).

Circle of trust wins every time.

Any other steps for Project Dignity? It really is all about playing your own game, and not getting dragged into the dramas other people like to create for themselves. Next!


Baby It's Eff-ing Freezing Outside

It has been a long winter (for a Queenslander). Winter started in earnest about a month earlier than usual with some hideously cold mornings and evenings (think run club in early June in 6 degree temperatures). The cold continues to whip through our bones, and taunt our open toed shoes mercilessly.

As you all know, winter is one of my least favourite things. I'm over it! Happily for me, I have a mini-break to see Phuong and her Mr in a couple of days and more happily - it's sweltering there! The perennial question - what to wear. It is pervading the entire week - it's still freezing and I'm sick of my "I'm-freezing" wardrobe, from Thursday onwards I need to think of summer-appropriate attire. Which is stashed in a box somewhere, due to the minute size of my cupboard. *sigh*

The images inspiring my winter wardrobe sourced from my Tumblr.