Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Shoesday: Dancing Shoes

Without pointing out the obvious, I think it's safe to say that the popularity of Boardwalk Empire, Oscars success of The Artist, and with The Great Gatsby due in cinemas in November, that the 1920s will be enjoying another sartorial moment any second...

Gucci has released a round of party dresses that could have come straight out of the silent film era...

... and in Tory Burch's recent Fall collection at New York Fashion Week, models were shod in Fred Astaire type tap shoes (minus the taps, I presume)...

Monday, February 27, 2012

What's Black, White and Red All Over?

Not the newspaper, on this occasion.... But the Oscar's red carpet!

Today's Oscars red carpet was dominated by these, the simplest of hues. Although there were a few other colours on the carpet (yes, even a few purple dresses), the tone of the ceremony was really quite sartorially conservative. Thankfully, there were some sequins, but even they appeared in block colours and without drawing too much attention (although J.Lo did manage to draw attention to her lovely lady humps - no surprise there, though, and it was fairly mild by R&B standards anyway).

First with the blacks. The stand-out - primarily because of her chicken-bone thin limbs, was Angelina Jolie. I found her dress frumpily gothic. I did not love this one. I was also confused as to why she insisted on posing with her leg poking out. Was it a call to arms to Madonna? They are both as spindly as the other - perhaps this is a declaration of war between the white, gaunt limbs?

That said, her hair and make-up was lusciously divine. It wasn't a total disaster.

Rose Byrne has been going bananas for the sequins of late (she appeared in an all-white sequinned jumpsuit at a recent other awards ceremony). The black dress she chose for today was a definite improvement... Such a shame Bridesmaids didn't score any awards!

In red, we had some of the best dressed ladies of the day - Emma Stone (somewhat reminiscent of a red dress worn some time ago by Nicole Kidman) and Michelle Williams.

And of course, there were red sequins.

In a rare fashion mis-step, Natalie Portman appeared in an oddly mixed red dress with black polka dots.

And then there were the white frocks. For a change, very few of these dresses looked like wannabe-brides, and instead they all looked stunning. Unofficial best dressed of the day certainly went to Gwyneth Paltrow in her stunning floor-length jacket and equally gorgeous dress - topped off with a stunning diamond bracelet. The woman has style. She looked incredible.

Big props to Giuliana Rancic whom I adore. Such a brave lady. I just wish she'd have a sandwich.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Friday: Got the Blues

I'm not sure what happened last night, but I was suddenly overcome with feelings of melancholy. It was a tidal wave of feelings that caught me off guard. I think it's good to have moments like that, but even this morning, I woke with a heavy heart. Very strange, because life is good. I think I'm going to sit with these feelings though - I feel like some little part of me is trying to get a message to me.

But for all those already cheery (or in need of cheering up!), I think this Kate Spade video should brighten your mood! I want the pink dress and the t-shirt! Happy Friday guys. Peace out xo

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rainy Day Blues

What a gorgeous outfit for a miserable day like today. Polka dots make everything better!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

You Must See

The Artist

Fabulous, heartwarming, brilliantly acted, a glorious soundtrack to boot AND with the most divine costumes (from the '20s, of course!) I highly recommend The Artist.

What is it? It's a French romantic comedy, set in Hollywood in the late 1920s as talkies (talking pictures) take over from silent film. At the heart of the film is Georg Valentin (and his adorable puppy) - once a star of the silent film world, staring into an abyss of obsolescence as youngsters with new, flashy technology take over the film world - previously Georg's domain. Keeping an eye on him throughout his fall from grace is up and comer Peppy Miller (who owes her entree to the film world to Georg). This is truly a delightful film, and all of the actors - Jean Dujardin (who has won countless awards for his work), John Goodman, James Cameron and Berenice
Bejo - are fabulous.

Jacaranda Dilemma

Some time ago - and in a ridiculously well-planned and totally un-me manner of shopping - I purchased a dress for a wedding. A wedding that, at the time, was being held 6 months in to the future. I have no idea why I did this - probably the sales assistant running out the tired old "we only have a few left because they've just flown off the rack" and me falling for it out of my love of the dress.

Anyway. The dress is a lovely jacaranda colour. For those who don't know what jacaranda is (the colour) it is this:

A jacaranda is also a tree, with flowers in a bell-shape and coloured a lilac, light-coloured shade

of purple (herein known as jacaranda). Apparently the tree originated in South America, and after travelling there I can tell you with certainty Gondwana is true - there are parts of South America so similar to parts of Australia it is just not funny. Which explains why there are millions of jacaranda trees in Australia. Furthermore, if you ask anyone who went to university in Brisbane they will tell you that a jacaranda in bloom will always bring back the memories of exam time palpitations, as final exams always coincided with the jacaranda season. Sinking feelings a-plenty.

Irrespective of the exam-time blues, I adore the colour, which led me to my irrational (in
hindsight) decision to buy a dress months in advance of an event. So, so silly. Way too much
time to see other dresses I love! And also plenty of time to procrastinate on what I'll wear with it in terms of accessories - and now the wedding is just one weekend away, and I have no shoes, no earrings, no bag, no necklace. No bloody idea in summary!

And for once the internet just is not delivering inspiration.

The important thing about accessorising on this occasion is that I ensure I do not look in any way bridesmaid-ish, as the dress itself is a long, strapless dress in a single colour. Yes. Classic
bridesmaid dress. Oh dear. So I need to spice this little puppy up in order to not look like a bridesmaid-wannabe. But how?

As always, there are options.

1. The Fluorescent

Obviously, anything brightly coloured is very appealing. However, the wedding is at St Stephen's Cathedral, with a reception at the Sydney Opera House. I'm not sure fluorescent yellow or pink screams class, and I feel that this occasion requires polished classiness. Dang. I really like that yellow belo.

2. Minimal Accessories

These dresses are all well and good, and of course a supermodel and Kate Middleton - each styled by the best in the business - cannot be trifled with, however my dress is a little more Katie Holmes' in that it is strapless... The general rule with strapless seems to be to pare down the decolletage, and let it all happen at the waist.

Note: I have no plans on being an oompa-loompa like Katie. Fake tans seem to be accessories in themselves these days, don't they?

2. Gold Accessories

This is a no-brainer, really, and probably one of the leading contenders at the moment. The question remains, though, what tone do you approach make-up with?

So guys. Any thoughts? Apart from the fact that I should catch up with Ali once I'm down in Sydney? ;o)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shoesday: Heat

It's as hot as Bangkok at the moment (j'adore), but I wish that you could just work in your underpants sometimes...

I'm loving the return of the pointy toe here... More on that to come. Hope your day is going swimmingly.

PS: These fabulously candy-coloured pics are from W Korea.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Happy Friday: Just Dance

This weekend I am disappearing into a 2 hour dance class... Something called Sh'Bam - I have NO idea what this is, but 2 hours of dancing sounds like a lot of fun to me!

As a girl who used to love nothing more than dancing the night away, I am hoping this will be as fun as it sounds. One thing about growing up and going to "classier" bars is that fun factor slides down a notch. The unfortunate thing about the bars that do play all the songs that I want to boogie the night away to are packed. And they are packed not with like-minded dance-lovers but greasy men out to gyrate against a woman until he finds one who'll go home with him, and the girls are sometimes not much better. *sigh*

I also got tickets to the Lady Gaga concert in June. I can't wait!!! The costume planning is beginning - I'm starting with a tutu and working from there!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Shoesday: All you need is love (and shoes)

In what may be considered a contradiction of my earlier post (it's not, I promise!).... Oscar Wilde:
"To give and not expect return, that is what lies at the heart of love."

Happy Day to Celebrate Love

Yes, yes I know. Valentine's Day is a Hallmark day designed to make us part with our hard earned cash, it's a crock, it means nothing... But gosh isn't it a lovely thing to make someone smile?

I have to say that the primary voice decrying Valentine's Day is the male one. Perhaps because the pressure is on them to perform...

What men fail to realise is that whether it's our birthday or Valentine's Day - we girls are always surprised (and overjoyed) to receive flowers. While we may hope that we'll receive them, we actually don't expect them... So the surprise and joy and gratitude is still there. Because let's face it - most men are unlikely to send flowers without some prompting (be it the need to secure your affections, it's your birthday, your dad/dog/whatever passed away on that date or it's V Day).

While I don't believe romance is dead, I do believe a little prompting is sometimes required. Which is why I see nothing wrong - and everything right - with celebrating Valentine's Day. Just don't do it in a chicken factory, mass produced, awkward dinner date at a thoroughly un-you restaurant kind of way. And for God's sake no Hallmark cards! xo

Monday, February 13, 2012


I challenge you to not get chills in this lovely rendition of I Will Always Love You by Jennifer Hudson.

Of course, it's not a patch on Whitney's soaring vocals in The Bodyguard, but who could outdo a voice like that - one of the greatest pop voices of the 80s, gradually destroyed by various addictions and a ravaged self-esteem that can only come from a truly bad relationship.

From the start of her career more than two decades ago, Ms. Houston had the talent, looks and pedigree of a pop superstar. She was the daughter of Cissy Houston, a gospel and pop singer who had backed up Aretha Franklin, and the cousin of Dionne Warwick. (Ms. Franklin is Ms. Houston’s godmother.)

Ms. Houston’s range spanned three octaves, and her voice was plush, vibrant and often spectacular. She could pour on the exuberant flourishes of gospel or peal a simple pop chorus; she could sing sweetly or unleash a sultry rasp.

Dressed in everything from formal gowns to T-shirts, she cultivated the image of a fun-loving but ardent good girl, the voice behind songs as perky as “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)” and as torchy as what became her signature song, a version of Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You.”

But by the mid-1990s, even as she was moving into acting with films like “The Bodyguard” and “The Preacher’s Wife,” she became what she described, in a 2009 interview with Oprah Winfrey, as a “heavy” user of marijuana and cocaine. By the 2000s she was struggling; her voice grew smaller, scratchier and less secure, and her performances grew erratic.
(excerpt from the New York Times website)

Sadly, we've seen what a tragic mix a cocktail of drugs, alcohol, early fame and toxic relationships can do to talent - Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston being our most recent examples.

Victoria by Victoria Beckham


What"s In A Name?

Michelle Williams eschews the big design house names in favour of H&M... And doesn't she look fabulous?!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Friday: Road Trip

This evening the boyfriend and I are headed on a country road trip...

Unlike most trips anywhere with me, on this particular occasion there is thankfully no chance of getting lost... We're heading to my home town! It's been about a year since I've been home, which makes me feel a little guilty. I think the fact that I'm bringing a lovely man home with me fosters all sorts of forgiveness with my parents though. :o)

Have a wonderful weekend, whatever it is you may be doing!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Buenos Aires

It's hard to believe that this time last year I had just departed for the trip of a lifetime to South America. Two months alone with the soccer players, steak and red wines of Argentina, sunshine of Uruguay, samba dancers of Brazil and mojitos of Cuba.

So it is very timely that I stumbled across Anthropologie's latest homewares collection, inspired by none other than Buenos Aires!

BA is firmly entrenched in my list of top cities, and I seriously recommend you get yourselves there - not only is it an incredible piece of latino Europe, the shopping is amazing! Truly. As is the food, architecture and general vibe of the city. All of this, combined with an economy in the toilet makes for great travelling!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy Friday: Tea for Many

After last week's Melbourne madness, I'm trying to keep a low profile. Although cocktails Saturday night have the potential for craziness... And I find it near impossible to say no to spiked fruity drinks.

But I'm mainly looking forward to brunch with a group of my girlfriends. The oldest friends I have, and among the greatest I have also.

Still deciding on menu, but I have bought some wild flavoured teas to experiment with. (God has it really come to this? Flavoured iced tea is really that exciting?!)

Happy Friday guys!