Sunday, September 21, 2014

Double Denim for Days

I don't really know how the Scandinavians do it, but they somehow pull off looks that would make the rest of us look either try-hard fashionistas or try-hard mechanics.

I am going through a Scandinavian "moment" after having visited Copenhagen for the first time recently. The stereotype is correct: tall, blonde, fashionably minimalist and impossibly chic (even when whizzing around the beautiful, flat streets of Copenhagen). I was captivated with this city and its style. It is also where my current obsession with sneakers has stemmed - the girls are so ridiculously tall, and they are so frequently on and off their bikes, that sneakers are de rigeur. The girls tend to opt for a block white (often a Converse) or block black (usually Nike), or they go all out with multi-colour.

Pics courtesy of Stockholm Street Style.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Happy Friday Hound Dogs

I shouldn't be blogging... But these pics are too cute not to share! Garage Magazine did a spread with models and their dogs, with the models styled to suit their pooches. The results are adorably accurate.

Happy Friday xo

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Shoesday: London Fashion Week

I think it's still Tuesday in London, so this still counts as Shoesday...

It's Fashion Week season in the Northern Hemisphere, with London Fashion Week currently well under way.

I have to say, having recently spent some time in London, and having been to New York a couple of times, I think that Londoners have a far more distinctive style, and that they are also simply more stylish than their friends across the ditch. Americans tend to dress in the safe zone (with the exception of Carrie Bradshaw, but she is a work of fiction and also not emblematic of how folks dress on a daily basis in NYC - sadly), whereas London is a melting pot of different styles pulled off expertly and without looking like it was a fuss to get dressed that morning.

I was often a little concerned I'd get beaten up for staring openly at people on the Tube in London so fascinating were the looks (I saw not one but two blue mohawks on the Tube), whereas in NYC there was not nearly so much fashionable fodder to ogle.

One thing I've noticed in the snippets of shots I've seen from LFW is the more pared back looks - minimalism and low-key looks certainly seem to be the order of the day (without sacrificing fun via colour and interesting embellishments via hair and make up). In particular, we are still seeing the sneaker enjoying its moment in the sun.

Colourful sandals and sneakers at Burberry Prorsum

Sneakers on the street
Given that when you travel you tend to live in flats (my Converse trainers reek from my sweaty feet on 32 degree days in Rome - and I have a charming sneaker tan to match #suntanfail), I was pretty pleased to see this look everywhere in Europe meaning (a) I didn't stand out as a tourist; and (b) I didn't suffer footwear envy on too many occasions. Of course, I still bought outrageously high heels in Paris.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Happy Friday: Always On the Run

Hel-LO ladies!

I am back! And invigorated after 5 glorious weeks in the theme park that is Europe in Summer. (More on that later). After jet setting in a serious way (we visited so many countries it would make your head spin), I returned to ... more flying. The novelty of airports has seriously worn off. The only thing that could make me want to get to an airport slightly earlier would be if they put a Country Road store in there. Please retail sector, just do it!

This weekend we're road tripping to a wedding - our 3rd in 6 weeks. All set to jump on yet another plane on Monday morning.

I will travel momentous distances for a wedding

I hope you have a beautiful weekend planned. Happy Friday x