Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Friday: The Carer

As you all know, I have a gorgeous little niece, to whom I am godmother and babysitting slave. This weekend, I am babysitting her. All alone. For 24 hours! While her parents are in another town! OMG!

I am hoping NOT to screw things up. I am hoping that she does not pee on my foot like she did the other night (how was I to know cold tiles were a "trigger" to make her pee before a bath??), and I am hoping that I stop gagging every time I'm confronted with a pooh-y nappy. I am ALSO hoping that we can venture outdoors together for coffee with a friend. What could possibly go wrong??

Clearly I'm not suggesting the little cherub is a dog... It's just about the carer thing... Geddit?

Happy weekend - may you be unstressed, and not burdened by stinking nappies!

PS: She turned 1 on Thursday. Time flies!!!

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A said...

Oh my gosh how exciting!! I can't wait to be an auntie - found out last weekend my sister is 9 weeks preggers, due next April - so excited!!! First baby in our immediate family! I babysat a 14 month old girl this morning - for two hours - even that was exhausting!! Good luck with that 24 hours...

PS love those dancing models - they look fabulous, but even I can dance better than that - there is hope for us all!! xx