Friday, February 26, 2016

Happy Friday: I Like to Boogie!

The Fashion Weeks are doing the rounds (RIP to Brisbane's Mercedes Benz Fashion week which has called it quits after 7 years due to lack of sponsorship and State Government support), and there was simply no ignoring the 70s disco-themed collection from UK designer Ashish at this year's London Fashion Week.

Born to Indian parents, Ashish Gupta's A/W2016 show was a dazzling mix of exuberance, candy colours and high octane glamour - a David Bowie takes on Bollywood type collection.

Classic black still got a look in

Not surprisingly, Gupta has designed outfits for a number of high profile personalities, including M.I.A, Madonna, Jerry Hall, Victoria Beckham, Kelly Osborne, Lily Allen and Patrick Wolf. Frankly, I'm surprised that Kate Moss hasn't worn some of these creations. Perhaps for her next birthday party?

Since his first show at London Fashion Week in 2004, Gupta has won the New Generation Award three times. Gupta's street cred has grown with a collaboration with Topshop - the 'Ashish for Topshop' capsule range. His mainline collection is stocked in Selfridges and Browns Focus and can also be found in Italy, USA, Russia, Dubai and Kuwait.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Happy Friday: All About That Bass

It has been stinking hot in my neck of the woods lately, and there is really no better way to luxuriate in the heat than to eat ice cream (or better yet, to bask in a roof top pool with ice cream and aperol spritz' on hand).

Things started off strong today with free ice creams handed out on the sidewalk (I can now confidently recommend Streets Fruttare coconut smoothie ice creams), and will continue throughout the weekend without a doubt. I am rubbing my fat, sticky little fingers together in anticipation....

Happy Friday indeed! x

Making History

In not-so-scandalous fashion news today, Anna Wintour has been sighted on the fashion front row wearing *gasp* a t-shirt!

Appearing at the Marc Jacobs show in a Jacobs-designed Hillary Clinton campaign tee, Wintour has scotched any confusion over who she would like to see as President of the USA later this year. Not that there was likely to be much confusion: Wintour has on several occasions previously very publicly outlined her interest in the advancement of Clinton, and assisted on a few occasions when Hillary's popularity was on the wane (think the Monica Llewinsky years in 1998, when Hillary graced the cover of a Christmas-themed edition that December).

Marc Jacobs has also publicly proclaimed his support for Clinton, stating that:

“My support for Hillary is grounded on our long-standing shared belief in equality. I am proud to share this T-shirt as a champion for equal rights, for the progress we have made, and for the hope of continued progress with Hillary as President.” 

For those of you familiar with Jacobs' politically-motivated activities, you may recall he designed t-shirts for Hillary in 2004 for her Senate re-election campaign, as well as for her ultimately unsuccessful presidential bid against Barack Obama in 2008.

Also coming out in support for the Jacobs-designed shirt is Kendall Jenner, appearing on Instagram in the shirt on Thursday.

Model of the moment Kendall Jenner shared the picture with the hashtags "#MadeForHistory" and "ImWithHer".
For those of you familiar with Jacobs' politically-motivated activities, you may recall he designed t-shirts for Hillary in 2004 for her Senate re-election campaign, as well as for her ultimately unsuccessful presidential bid against Barack Obama in 2008.

Jacobs is not the only fashion designer to show support, with Tory Burch, Maxwell Osborne and Public School also designing shirts for the range (available for US$45 from the campaign website).

Clinton will also appear in a 10 page spread in US Vogue's March edition (sure to be a keeper for Clinton-dynasty lovers).  While the results of the Democratic nomination - and indeed the ultimate Presidential race - are still a while off, I am hoping this extra momentum from the fashion community gives Clinton a much-needed bump in the polls. If I were a US voter, I'd be leaping at the chance to vote not only for the first female US President, but also for about the only candidate who doesn't seem to be a tad ... well ... scary as leader of the USA and as many say, the Western world.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Happy Friday: For the Lovers

Garance Dore has recently become engaged (you can read all about it in 4 instalments on her ever-lovely website here), and I just loved how she described that moment when a man proposes to a woman - it's so true. 

It was beautiful, touching, imperfect, and really really really moving. For hours and even days. Moving to the point that we had a hard time having a normal conversation after that. It unleashes so many profound emotions and stirs you all up inside. And you look at this man next to you and say he’s going to be your family. And you love him even more because he had the incredible courage to do that, to ask you to marry him. You know it won’t change anything and it will change everything at the same time. You hope you’re ready and up to the task.

Each year since I've been married, I've made a New Year's resolution to try to be a great wife. I think it takes a lot of work to keep a marriage dynamic, healthy and on the right track. It's easy to take people (especially the kind ones) for granted. I am terrible for that. I always try to remind myself that all that handsome hubby does for me comes from a place of deep love, and that I should respond in kind with great love - and patience. It can be hard when I'm running at a rate of knots, my mind is focused on a million different things. I often very unfairly expect him to be on my wavelength always which is so crazy. We are so different, and think so differently. I didn't marry someone similar to me for a very good reason - too annoying! Too impatient!

While I had to not-so subtly remind Handsome Hubby that it was Valentine's Day and that the perfect way to celebrate was to give me a voucher to my favourite nail bar, I still know our love is deep (in spite of his sulkiness at being forced to buy in to Hallmark-generated events). 

Happy Friday to all the lovers. x