Monday, February 7, 2011


I just realised there is NO colour in my style inspiration... No wonder it feels so lacklustre. Colour is my life force! As are high heels - just one pair in my bag! Weak at the knees... in a bad way!


Never a strong point, but I am gradually improving... As evidenced by a rather brutal culling of clothing last night, to end up with a rather measly collection of clothes for the fast-approaching trip. My rationale was that the heat - which I expect to be fairly intense - would mean that a lot of my clothes simply wouldn't be appropriate for the weather. Of course, a day later, I am self-doubting. Perhaps I need this, that... etc etc. THIS is why packing should be left to the last minute - no indecision!

My very faint style inspiration for this trip. Limited thought put into this one!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

With Love From Mexico

Vogue Australia's latest fashion piece is photographed from Mexico. To my Latin America obsessed mind, it looks a little Cuba-esque.

Will Not Retire

And doesn't need to. Quite yet.

Shake Your Tail Feather

There are two things guaranteed to have you splashed all over fashion blogs at a red carpet event: an amazing - and exposed - decolletage; and an over-the-top beautiful dress which inspires dreams of whimsical, limitless-budget weddings.

Angie Harmon has done this in spades. And seriously ... in the nicest possible way: who is she? I can't be bothered Googling, but I have never heard of her. And yet she is one of the most photographed peeps at the SAGs. I also desire her body from the bust upwards. (Probably I would want the rest of it if I could see it also).