Friday, November 5, 2010

I Want Lanvin, Not Flowers

The much-anticipated Lanvin Hearts H&M campaign has finally launched... Tantalising images of what will be the du jour party frock for the Christmas season are available via this very attractive ad - capturing everyone most-likely to wear his range: skeletal old women embracing fashion over doily-inspired cardigans, the OMG girl - bedecked in raybans, the demanding diva who knows her labels and wants them yesterday.

Universally adored Lanvin creative director, Alber Elbaz, had this to say of the rationale behind his latest collaboration:

"Ninety-five per cent of women cannot afford Lanvin so let them have a taste. It's like if I was living in a palace and opened some doors and said, 'Have tea with me, taste the food'."

A little patronising... Yes. But we fashionistas who can but drool with envy over high end designer gear understand what he is saying. We are having a tasty morsel of what he serves up each season to the wealthy, well-shod few. We are actually lucky that fashion has progressed in this manner - designers are closer to us than ever before, and as consumers we have the choice of participating. It is no longer an opportunity deprived of use due to a lack of entrepreneurship on our part, the earning of mega-bucks or being born into the right (read LOADED) family.

Fashion has progressed and we are the lucky beneficiaries!


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