Monday, June 6, 2011

I Haven't Even Started Spanish Yet...

And something very, very unusual happened.

Whenever I try to heal a (in this case, my) broken heart, I live by the motto: Say yes to every invitation you possibly can. Although people will try to tell you you can't say "yes" to everything, in actual fact you can. You just have to be ingenious, good with a diary and disciplined! In fact, being double-booked can be kinda fun. I love flying out of a room saying I have to dash to something else. So the last few weeks have been madly full of events and excursions and appearances and disappearances. I haven't expected a thing to come of anything, however, because I'm not so much as looking for someone (in fact, definitely not), as looking for a million different things at a million different moments - and probably more accurately, surveying the landscape. It's been a while since I dipped into the dating scene (ok.. not that long, but it can feel a bit weird when your usual single buddies are coupled up and in fact up the duff!).

But Saturday night I popped in to a quick BBQ with some people who were then heading to a football game. I primarily went just to catch up with a few friends, eat (I will do anything for my stomach), and get out of the house after being cooped up with the flu for a WHOLE WEEK (yuck). So needless to say, I wasn't looking my best. Nor was I paying much attention to anyone bar my friends... Although I did notice a cute guy with dimples and an English accent sitting nearby.

This morning I opened my Facebook message account to this:

Hi Rachel,

Apologies for the message out of the blue, but I met you last night at (good friend)'s place and you seem really lovely... so I was just wondering if you might be up for going for a drink sometime?...

Oh and please don't judge me for the facebook stalking! :)

What the what?? LOVELY? And a brazen, completely at-ease admission of stalking. And he's riding an elephant in his profile picture.

So. I haven't replied yet, because I'm a little scared. He actually seems nice. And as we all know ... That's never been my type before, despite best efforts to convince myself otherwise.

So. What in God's name do I say in response? To a nice person? Who thinks I'm lovely??


Phuong said...

that you want to meet up for a drink! :)

Rachel said...

Which I did! haha. Unfortunately I have zero nights free at the moment... The old "say yes to everything" might be backfiring!

A Sunny Disposition said...

ZOMG!!! (I actually have no idea what ZOMG means, but I love to use it in situations like this...)

Yes you have to go out for a drink with him! He will love that you are too busy right now - but definitely do it when you are free.. How exciting!!