Monday, June 20, 2011

Tofu Or Not Tofu?

That is possibly the worst title I've ever had... Apologies.

Among my New Year's resolutions for 2011 were no more pad thai or hash browns for the entirety of 2011. Madness, clearly. Both of these resolutions have resulted in some new learnings, however. First, a hash brown is also known as "potato rosti", and I can eat it, because technically it is not called a hash brown, despite being very similar to a hash brown in flavour and appearance (lawyers thrive on semantic technicalities, after all). Second, instead of eating my beloved pad thai when I go to a Thai restaurant, I have opted for tofu dishes. And do you know what I have discovered? Not a single male that I have eaten Thai food with likes my tofu meal (more for me! mwahahaa), and secondly: I LOVE tofu. I would never have known this had it not been for my wildly ambitious NY resolution of 2011...

Non-lovers of tofu proclaim it has no flavour, and/or that it is like eating rubber. Yes, it may be a little rubbery in texture (although I've never eaten through a pencil eraser with that much ease), but it absorbs flavour like a mo-fu. A restrained and classy mo-fo, in fact. And this is why I love it. My mouth can be searing with a piece of chilli I've eaten by accident, by the tofu just slides right in there and with its delicate flavours, removes the pain of accidentally-eaten chilli. The best Thai dishes in Brisbane are - and will always be, in my opinion - from My Thai in Rosalie.

My Thai also now has its very own stand-alone take-away restaurant (My Thai Kitchen) which is also home to My Thai's uber-popular cooking school. Brisbanites who have never eaten there are doing their tastebuds a serious disservice.

Anyway... This tofu discussion was really just a clever segue-way into a new foodie blog that I'm sure you will all love... Running With Tweezers! Running With Tweezers also loves tofu! Like most foodie blogs, the pictures are amazing (Tami, the author, is a food stylist after all), and there are some fantastic recipes (including tofu ones!). Bon appetit!

All pics are from Running With Tweezers.

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