Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fun New Product: Panda Eyes

I'm just going to cut & paste the "About the Founder" portion of this product because it is just so good!

Steph’s friends describe her as a practical, no fuss sort of girl. Like millions of women Steph has always placed great emphasis on ‘effortless style’ and believes that all beauty products should come with a fuss free but polished guarantee.

Stephanie’s idea for Panda Pen was the result of (another) dreary Monday morning as a young expat in London. After a jam packed tube ride in an overheated carriage, back to back meetings and a rushed lunch with a friend, a quick bathroom stop showed that the polished and poised look that had left the house with Stephanie seemed to have got lost along the way. And so, the idea for the Panda Pen was born. Whether it is an attack of hay fever, an accidental sleepover followed by the walk of shame or a far more innocent lunch time workout- we have all experienced that feeling of stray mascara and smudged eye makeup, resembling a sleep deprived, bamboo-eating bear. "Smudge proof" mascaras are in our opinion, overrated. The option of lugging around a bottle of eye makeup remover and a cotton tip is simply not an option. A solution had to be found.

With her background in fashion and beauty marketing and the encouragement of her mascara stained friends and family, Steph set about solving Panda eyes once and for all.

Four years later, the Panda Pen has past the toughest scrutiny from a very opinionated and critical family panel of women from all walks of life. Further trial at 3 weddings, numerous airport farewells, the death of Michael Jackson followed by Alexander McQueen, the election of Obama, the 57th sitting of the Note Book and the humidity of a Vietnamese holiday, the Panda Pen has certainly proved its worth and is now available for everyone...BYE, BYE PANDA EYES!

You get the idea right? Eliminate all those bits of mascara or eye make-up (how many times have you gone to do smoky eye and realised you put your foundation on already and just know that you're going to spill dark eye shadow all over your cheekbones??) that flake down your face during the day or night...

I for one have always very happily used Estee Lauder mascara and had no problems whatsoever. My brief foray into MAC mascara was a disaster: it smudged AND it was hard to get off (no idea how that happened!). Here's a great review of some of the mascaras out there. I have to admit though - I'm one of those girls who never buys mascara. I either get it in gift-with-purchase packs or off the front of a magazine. Call me stingy! I know it's true - but why buy it at retail when you know it's going to appear in your life for free in a matter of weeks? HOWEVER. I am now stuck! I have almost run out of my current tube, there's nothing on the magazine shelves and not an Estee Lauder gift-pack to be seen (and I need new product - how did this unfortunate coincidence occur? Usually the gift with purchase appears just as I run out of foundation!)

Any recommendations for mascara? I am thinking the 2000 Calorie Max Factor may be a go-er... But inform me otherwise before I purchase!

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A Sunny Disposition said...

Good timing! I'm also in the market for some new mascara as my Kiehl's tube is just getting to that sticky stage. And i've been reading Sarah Wilson's posts about smart cosmetics, and she recommends this mascara - Ere Perez - - I'm running out of a bunch of stuff at the mo so just trying to work out the most cost effective way of getting my hands on some good quality, yet also good for my skin (organically) items - namely: mascara, blush and neutral metallic eye shadow (first time ever I have used up an entire eye shadow pot). This Ere Perez chick has some nice stuff I think! x