Friday, May 27, 2011

The Facial

As it turns out, my skin is not nearly as sun damaged and ancient as I had previously thought. In fact, it was dubbed "lovely" by the beauty therapist. Score!

So this morning I have woken up with skin that actually looks dewy. That thing all the beauty mags bang on about is actually real. I am a little gobsmacked. I think I should have another of these: (a) in my lifetime; and (b) before my friend's wedding in June - who knows who might be there? Ha! Looking youthful and radiant is a very pleasant feeling!

Beauty Therapist was also a fantastic conversationalist. We discussed the heartbreak and a lot of the circumstances surrounding the heartbreaker in question. We decided:
* the universe had been sending me a LOT of messages, and that really it was all for the best
* I should listen to my gut instinct more - this was the lesson I needed to learn from this relationship
* Happiness is a choice. Yes. I was wallowing because it was a safe (albeit not pleasant) place to be. We choose happiness and our attitude to the day. So I'm chugging to 3pm and that usual 3pm feeling of sadness isn't creeping up. I had coffee with people who know the sordid mess, and we laughed about it rather than me getting glum and quiet. And I felt ok discussing it. No well-ups. No downer after I left them. No feelings of being swallowed by loneliness.

Not only did my face get a good clean, so did my attitude. Happy Friday indeed! xo

So many lightbulb moments!

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A Sunny Disposition said...

It's so great to treat yourself! I've had a few facials and always love them - they know how to make you feel good even if it's just telling you how lovely your skin is. I must get around to doing something like that for myself soon.. And the whole eyebrow threading thing scares me! A friend did it a few years ago and I just didn't understand what she was talking about. I was like, don't you have tweezers?? I don't think I would have the guts - would be too scared they would take off too much! But go you for doing it - I hope you feel amazing!