Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Things That Make You Go Hmmm....

It wouldn't be a weekend of back-to-back dates if I didn't discover something new about what turns me off in a man...

Top hits for this category as a result of the weekend's activities include:

* A 29 year old who still does Contiki tours.

* A man in white dress shoes.

* A man with no sense of humour.

* The pushy pasher.

* A man who keeps the remaining 3/4 of the dessert I baked including the dish. I assume in order to ensure I must see him again so I may get the dish back...? (I am questioning myself on this one... Should I be leaving the dessert behind? I keep thinking that it should have played out like this: he offers the dessert back to me, then I say "no, don't be silly - you keep it! I made it for you" and then he says "Oh goodness me, no. Your flatmates will kill me if they can't have some of your famous apple, berry & port crumble!", and then I say - doubtfully - "well only if you're sure... It is my flatmate's dish after all and they DO love my crumble so much" and he insists I take it, and then I take it and eat it all in one sitting. Correct? Incorrect?)

There just aren't enough Jon Hamm's to go around...

In other dating news, check out Sam de Brito's latest column One Plus One Equals? about the improbability of compatibility. So, for example... To me the things listed above are an absolute turn-off, but to another woman these things might be perfection.

And then there is this point that Sam makes at the beginning of his column:

One of the most challenging aspects about coming out of a long-term relationship and diving back into the seething spa of singledom has to be reactivating the part of your brain that's receptive to shagging strangers.

I just can't imagine sharing my body with anyone else just yet. I know life is short, I should enjoy the pleasures of the flesh etc etc. But... My head isn't there yet. Or is it my heart? I can't figure out which one rules my flesh the most. I am definitely guilty of the over-think! I am happy sticking to flirtatious, suggestive text messages, making eyes across the bar and the joys of meeting lots of new people and handing out my phone number for now. Blushing is fun!

What are your no-nos in a man? It can be a fine line!


A said...

Oh my god great post Rach...

29 year olds should NOT do Contiki tours.

White dress shoes - blearch!

No sense of humour - how sad...

Pushy Pasher - get out of my face!

Dessert - your scenario is EXACTLY how I would have wanted it to go. Show some consideration dude! A girl will always want the leftover pudding to eat in the privacy of her own home! However - I just ran this by my male colleague (gay, but still male) and he agrees but thinks the guy could also have not been wanting to be rude by sending it home with you - was trying to be polite by holding onto it...?? I'm still with you though!

My no-no's are..
- poor hygiene
- can't cook
- inconsiderate
- sport obsessed (like, seriously obsessed.. enjoyment is fine!)
- hmm lots more - will do my own post on this to clarify my thoughts a bit!


Rachel said...

Hahaha - Oh yes... I have quite a list too!

Amusingly, the guy who cooked for me isn't much of a cook himself, so he was trying to concentrate while I was chattering away as he cooked. At one point I thought he was going to flip out and tell me to shut up while he concentrated! haha. He was so stressed! (Possibly another turn-off!).