Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Friday: Wedding!

Tomorrow I fulfil a lifelong dream of being a bridesmaid! (Is that an embarrassing confession?) In fact, I am CHIEF bridesmaid, which means I have to remember that right moment to take the bouquet, fluff my bride's dress at appropriate moments, and generally ensure the bride takes deep breaths and doesn't freak out if anything goes wrong (which it won't - the bride is a Virgo!).

The run up to tomorrow has actually been a little stressful - I'm not the most organised person in the world, and with a Virgo bride with high standards, I have been ON EDGE! Constantly. Last night we rehearsed, had dinner, and everyone seemed far more relaxed than we have been in ages. So now I feel I can proceed to look forward to the day. Our Getting Ready playlist is made (and very buoyant!). All I have to think about now is how to keep warm! It is SO COLD here! Colder than Melbourne, in fact! Yikes!

Also - check this out for one of the cutest proposals ever!

Happy weekend! xo

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