Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Twit & The Lip Colour

Having recently become a Downton Abby tragic (ok… I’ve only seen 2 episodes, but I do love it when I get around to watching it), and because Dancing With The Stars (DWTS as it is known in the Twitterverse) is on right before it and further because I was babysitting that night so watching TV was the only logical thing to do… I watched DWTS for the first time. One of the contestants was the gorgeous Lara Bingle: one-time ‘where the bloody hell are you?’ pin-up girl for Tourism Australia, model, former girlfriend of Michael Clarke (an Aussie cricketer) and general girl-about-Sydney-town.

As a dancer, she wasn’t quite rocking it, but she also wasn’t as uncomfortable to watch as another of the contestants (remaining nameless, but any viewer of DWTS will know who I’m talking about). As one of the judges stupendously meanly put it, Lara was “dull” and lacking in the X factor. She then also got bundled out – much to the distress of Sonia Kruger who I also adore (mainly because of her star turn as Tina Sparkle in Strictly Ballroom). Lara was also accused of sporting a Cousin Itt style hair-do (i.e. her hair was down... and kinda in her face) which was distracting. True. When dancing, get thy hair out of face.

Tina Sparkle is cool. Don't let anyone tell you different.

Whatever. It was a shame LB didn’t go forward, as she definitely wasn’t terrible. BUT! The burning question I mulled as I watched DWTS and then later, Downton Abby, was this: what was that gorgeous, glorious lip colour she had on her kissers? Was it MAC? It looked like MAC.

Bingle posted Instagram pics on Twitter throughout the evening.

Furthermore, as a follower of Ms Bingle on Twitter, am I able to tweet her to ask? Is that weird? It seems weird! Stalker-ish even! Can you imagine getting a text or tweet from someone you’ve never even met, saying “hi – you didn’t see me on Sunday night, but I sure saw you and, well… Heck you were just wearing the prettiest lipstick (yes, I got that close!). What colour was it?


I just don’t get Twitter. I got an account recently – in order to get with the program – and I am terrible at it. My tweets suck (I have lost followers after some particularly lame-o tweets), and I feel like a self-obsessed moron even tweeting in the first place, because I’m not a celebrity. Why would anyone care?? It seems to be a PR machine and nothing much else. (That said, I would love to be a professional tweeter for celebrities – that must make the job of publicists so much easier! Bugger those pesky gossip columnists – you can trump them in a 20 second tweet).

Anyway… If you can advise on one or both of these questions (particularly the lip colour… It’s my key interest!) I will love you forever. Even more than I probably already do. Which is lots.

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