Sunday, November 13, 2011

Role Models

I thought you might enjoy this little snippet from TV program MamaMia which airs on Sky TV here in Oz - it's a Gen Y guy discussing what it is he likes about Sam de Brito.

He writes an article about it here also. I read Sam's blog ritualistically. It has become a habit so deeply a part of my life that it's almost as habitual as brushing my teeth before bed (drunk, sober, sick whatever - those teethy pegs get cleaned). I really enjoy his male perspective on things, and his endeavours at honesty (even when it's been painful for him - and my heart broke a little for him when his relationship broke down around this time last year) and bringing male issues into the world of public discussion. Having known far too many men and boys who have suffered depression and, with some of these lives ended too soon, I really believe Sam's voice is one that we should take heed of. And yes, I do believe he should be teaching sex ed/life skills at school - including to the girls!

The thing I really liked about the 2 minute snippet I've linked to above though, is the acknowledgment that in a sea of voices - bloggers, tweeters, writers, Facebook gurus etc - we can still find a voice that cuts through the din. We really do listen to the relevant bits, and I suppose that gives a bit of heart to that tribal issue, and the growing homogeneity of information I discussed earlier this year. I must admit, while I love the pretty pictures on blogs scattered widely across the blogosphere, my favourite blogs are the ones that tell a story of discovery and growth in an honest way.

What are you favourite kinds of blogs and why?

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A Sunny Disposition said...

Ooh I like read his blog too.. Not every post but when something catches my eye. Nice to hear a guys perspective on things. Wouldn't mind meeting him...!

I love blogs that are personal journeys as well - they seem so much more genuine than journalistic articles that always seem to wash over any specifics because they are trying not to single anyone out and speak to the 'masses'. I like to read what I can learn from, and personal experiences are the best for that. I like to know others are going through the same thing as me. I search for anything that speaks to me in terms of others going through a similar stage of life as me - not just single girls in their early 30's, but any girls really of a similar age, no matter their relationship status - I actually don't really care to hear about what their husband/partner thinks about things - in fact, I'm starting to be turned off by a blog I've read for a while because she mentions her husband all the time but the blog is meant to be about body issues - it's this one -

My other faves are Gala Darling, Sarah Wilson, Smart Pretty & Awkward, Stone Soup and Snapdragons and Teapots!

Always looking for new faves if you have any to recommend!