Tuesday, December 13, 2011

News Round Up: GOSSIP!

Oh Lordy... Wherever have I been?? At work. Boo.

In the last 2 weeks, there have been some MOMENTOUS changes here in Oz. They are as follows:

* We have another bushranger! Apparently some nutbag has been living in the outback for the past 6 years, evading police who want to have a little chat with him re some trifling matters such as murders and sexual assaults. Police closed in on him last week, but sniper-Ned Kelly shot and wounded an officer. Not cool.

* Queensland legalised gay civil unions (although disappointingly, 40 members of Parliament voted against the passing of the laws). Premier of Queensland Anna Bligh noted on its passing that "This bill is fundamentally about the human rights of Queensland's citizens, but it is much more than that, it is about the joyful business of love." Awwww....

* Topshop opened in Melbourne last Thursday! (As a follow up to the opening of Zara in Sydney earlier this year.. Which I must admit I visited with considerable pleasure on the weekend).

Dontcha just love finding an entire outfit in one store... On the cheap!

* Miranda Kerr got slammed by New York mag for being vacuous, fake and having the personality of an aquarium. Any thoughts on this? It's a fine line between a celeb being annoying for talking too much about politics (yes, you George Clooney!) and not giving any opinions on anything at all whatsoever. A tough line to toe indeed! I thought models were just meant to be seen and not heard anyway? Are we asking a little much of this gorgeous woman? And would we want her to be insanely smart anyway?? We already envy her so much as it is!!

Nothing to say here, folks!

There's your news... In a snapshot! xo