Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Tim Burton really is the king of Halloween-type everything. Whether he meant to or not!

I was incredibly envious when Melbourne last year hosted an exhibition at the Australian Centre for Moving Image (developed in collaboration with the master himself) of over 700 of his gothically touching works, including paintings, drawings, puppets, costumes, storyboards and film. The exhibition came direct from MoMA in New York (double sigh!). The Centre is currently hosting an exhibition of another great favourite of mine - Margaret & David! (Of At The Movies fame! Did I have to spell that out??)

It's Margaret & David's 25th anniversary... While I want them to last forever, I would also really like to steal Margaret's job! See details of the exhibition here. Anyone off to Melbourne any time soon? You should check it out! Assuming your aircraft leaves the hangar, that is...

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