Friday, December 16, 2011

On the 5th Day of Christmas

My true gave me the gift of warmth... And MUSIC!

As those who know me will attest, unless it's 30 degrees+, I'm cold. I need a jumper/scarf/cardigan/leg-warmers/all-of-the-above. I am also emotionally attached to my iPod - an item that divides my friends. Sometimes it's running hot (in my opinion it's always running hot), others there's a little too much Britney/Angus & Julia Stone/techno/whatever for whoever's in my radius. But it's because I love pretty much everything (except angry teen music) that I have so much. And I can't part with any of it!

So this gift here, is pretty rad in my opinion!

Juicy Couture faux fur earmuffs with a little spot for your earphones! Brilliant!