Saturday, November 19, 2011

Eating Echos

Last night I celebrated the end of my old job and the beginning of lots of wonderful new things at one of my favourite Brisbane restaurants - E'cco Bistro. With longstanding famed chef Phillip Johnson at the helm this place is consistently incredible.

While every dish I ordered gave my tastebuds the delights I expected (bloody mary sorbet an absolute star performer), I must admit I had serious food envy at the boy's dessert - while my apricot and coconut gateau was lovely, his chocolate tart was out of this world. But I always feel like I can't order the same as someone else at the table... Does anyone else have this irrational thought process when it comes to ordering? Sharing is part of the fun, after all!

I would also like to recommend Scott wines. We had the Fiano and it was amazeballs. And quite well-priced on the website if you are so inclined.

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