Friday, September 24, 2010


My favourite movie of All Time is Strictly Ballroom. Some consider it an extended camp video clip (what's wrong with that, anyway?), I consider it an insightful, hilarious and loving glimpse into normal, fun Australia.

And now, it is being made into a stage show! Is this good?? I think so!

Creative workshops begin in Sydney in November. This is what my personal God of Creativity, Baz Luhrmann, had to say:

"After years of talking about making the movie into a musical I am thrilled about our partnership with Global Creatures, an Australian company that has made a giant impression in live entertainment in recent years."

The alliance represents one of the most lucrative partnerships in Australian theatre history. It draws on the producing skills of Rob Brookman, the former Sydney Theatre Company general manager and founder of the music festival WOMADelaide. A timetable for the musical's opening is yet to be set.

"As you know, we're slow; I'm not the fastest guy in town," Luhrmann said. "In addressing the challenges of a new show a lot of the characters and the dance will be familiar but I can see how we can take a huge leap in its theatrical execution. My hope is to reach the stage in two years."

In other exciting news, Luhrmann is set to announce his next US-based film project in six to eight weeks. Recent rumours suggest it will be The Great Gatsby. Ummm.... favourite BOOK of all time! I love this man!

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