Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Le Flawless Tan

Obviously, we cannot all be blessed with the time, heat-resilience and missing brain cells to endure 4 hours straight in the sun for optimal tanning (i.e. skin cancer cell development). Hence, we turn to products in cans that are applied, sprayed or sponged on to our bodies.

One of the greatest one-stop shops for tanning is Le Tan (naturally).

Le Tan gives you everything:
* Le Tan in Le Can (i.e. spray on)
* Jet Dry (dries in an almost scientifically impossible 3 minutes)
* Hands Free (think brown sponge bath applied not by a candy striper, but lovely you)
* Foaming Mousse (not to be eaten)
* Shimmer Gel (I own this after accidentally not seeing the word Shimmer which is emblazoned across the bottle (am not very bright sometimes) - look slightly bogan when wearing as the whole glitter on your skin thing was so 2004)
* Every Day Glow Face
* Daily Glow
* Fast Tan Remover (Best idea ever).

The latest addition to the Le Tan product range is Flawless Legs. Designed to give you .. flawless legs. Free of freckles, veins and weird speckly bits. It costs $17 and is well worth trying - particularly for those such as myself who are convinced that a tan takes 5kg off your body instantly.

Great legs - minus all that tennis.

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