Thursday, September 2, 2010

All The Pretty Girls

Spring always ushers in a sense of reinvigoration and new(ish) beginnings. These are the big things occupying me right now -

* I have a niece arriving via stork in just under 2 weeks, which I am so so excited about. I love the thought of watching someone grow into a lovely adult, and hopefully being someone in the life of this little person that they look forward to seeing and gleaning wisdom from. I'm pretty sure I'll give her her first condom.

* Soon I will be finished my Masters of Law - the purpose was to fulfil a teenaged dream of working for the UN. Do you know, that I never even knew where the UN was headquartered until much later in life? I thought it was all about Geneva. It's not. It's New York! Living in New York became an adult dream following my first trip there in January 2009. It just makes sense to merge these two dreams, right? I look forward to the GFC going away on that front! Did you know that Audrey Hepburn had a second career after acting with a role as a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF (the organisation dedicated to eradicating child poverty)? There is a 7 foot tall sculpture of Audrey with a child in the UN district of New York, called The Spirit of Audrey. I have a lot of photos of this sculpture - it's a beautiful piece that truly brings calm to your soul when you sit by it and contemplate. Click here to read her statement to the UN upon accepting her appointment as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

* I am moving bedrooms at home with my housemate moving out - not for any particular reason, other than for better lighting and ... less cupboard space! I am forcing myself to minimalise and streamline. I'm planning a car boot sale at a weekend market as we speak. Clearing out the stuff you don't wear/use anymore is so liberating! I am actually chomping at the bit to get it all done!

* Weddings. So many weddings! It is such a joy to watch people get hitched. I saw pictures for a friend's wedding in Canada the other day - it was perfect. Everyone was laughing and looking so happy in every picture. That's how it should be.

* Getting over my cold. Good health is inching towards me... I just need to be patient (not a strength) and not run (fine by me) and drink no more than 2 glasses of champagne/margaritas (very difficult with the weekend approaching) until I get there.

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