Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More Awards

America Ferrera and Penelope Cruz both looked rather lovely (If not a little famished in P.Cruz's case) at the SAGs, as did Anne Hathaway (despite me just wanting to shove her into a rabbit suit because she looks like a rabbit with those big eyes and that toothy grin of hers).

There's that champagne colour again...

Angelina Jolie again strutted around looking ephemeral and earth-mother-ish. Kind of smug and annoying, actually, and not a tad dull again. My usual warm-heartedness for her is starting to fade. It's time this family stopped being everywhere for a while.

Teri Hatcher was her usual try-hard self, with a dress far too reminiscent of Eva Mendes a few weeks ago.

And ... shoot me now... I thought the following ladies were looking frumpy. I know Kate Winslet is all about her body shape (and God love her for wearing some colour this time) but... She was bottle-shaped and not in a message in a bottle kind of a way. More like bottle tree. Ick.

Emily Blunt - attempting to ruin sequins for me. Bitch.

Eva Longoria... Why?

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