Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Shoesday: Politically Incorrect Upsides of Climate Change

The world is aghast at the latest round of reports from the UN's climate change group, suggesting that summer and spring should now be considered to last 4 months (rather than 3), and that the cooler seasons should last 2 months' each as compensation. These extended seasons could be called "Sprinter" or "Sprummer" or some such bizarre titles bandied about in the press today.

Leaving aside the rather concerning conclusion that humankind will not adapt quickly enough to all the likely outcomes of climate change, is the more immediate, pleasant situation we now have - longer summers. Yes, April has started, I'm in Melbourne (famous for its extended, moody winters) and it was 31 degrees today, and a gorgeously balmy 24 degrees this evening. As an unashamed summer lover, I am rather pleased. It means I can continue to wear Havianas - standard fare for a hot summer's day - and enjoy not lugging a cardigan around everywhere I go just that little bit longer each year.

So thank you (kind of) carbon emitters. While my great, great grandchildren might disappear into a bubble of steaming lava, I can bask in the joy of an extended summer... As I buy a Prius, install solar panels on my house, carbon offset my now considerable flying activities, and investigate all other manner of reducing my carbon footprint.

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