Thursday, April 17, 2014

By Royal Decree: The Hemline

Ahead of their Australia/NZ trip, Kate Middleton was apparently told in no uncertain terms by her mummy-in-law that she will be required to wear skirts that cover the knee. The new hemline order was issued apparently to mark Kate's transition from High Street girl to regal woman who is married to and mother of future heirs to the Crown.

Some would simply say the longer hems are a tad "mumsy", which Kate most certainly is not (despite actually being a mum), however I must say, I do really like the slightly longer hem.

Here are some shots of her looking regal and gorgeous on her current tour of Australia and New Zealand:

She really is lovely. On a side note, in the moments where her dress has been caught in wind gusts, we've had the opportunity to see she has the slimmest legs EVER! (Apart from all those Victoria's Secret models). How on earth did she get them?? And post baby too? Mental note to get to the bottom of this slim leg business.

Anyway, back to the hemlines. They are longer, and far more demure, and I actually find them rather appropriate - although I hate to disagree with the Queen who is now apparently the last word in fashion, but I think below the knee is just a teensy bit homely. Above or grazing the knee is better... In my humble, lowly royal subject's opinion.

The subject of hemlines came up recently with a bunch of girls as we lamented the inability to buy work dresses that reached the knee. While we all love a good mini-skirt and short shorts, there are certain times that you just need a dress that covers more than just mid-thigh (i.e. EVERY DAY at work). Yet we frequently find that the lovely dresses we'd like to wear simply don't go below mid-thigh, and if you're even remotely tall or have a long-ish torso, you can forget about raising your hands above head for fear of flashing everyone your not-so-slim thighs and your knickers.

Don't adjust your ponytail!
So while I am sad that we will no longer see shots of Kate in hot pants, I am hoping the trend for the slightly longer hemline kicks in and I can comfortably attend meetings without worrying that I'm showing too much leg (or worse).

Too short for Queeny

The cruel irony is that Kate's legs are now totally hot pants-ready.

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