Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Shoesday: Bend it Like Beckham

The fruits of the Topshop x adidas collaboration were revealed last week and they were reminiscent of Keira Knightley in Bend it Like Beckham rather than much else.

Exhibit A:

You see it, right?

Anyway, there are of course sneakers forming part of the fruit bowl of fruits from the collaboration. Here they are:
Hmmm.... I don't think I'll be hunting these down any time soon. THESE on the other hand, I would seriously consider killing - maybe just maiming, on second thought - for.

Not sneakers? I hear you ask. I may secretly love slipping on a pair of shabby old Cons, but there's no way I'd risk 20 years to life on a pair of delightless flats. No sir-ee. Make it heels all the way. The higher the better.

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