Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Shoesday: Prostitution or Perfection?

Things have dramatically frozen over here in Adelaide, going from a lovely-in-the-sun 22 degrees (this used to be freezing in my books, which goes to show I am acclimatising - slowly) to today's hideous 17 degrees, no sun and bucketloads of rain. The remainder of the week doesn't look much better.

In anticipation of this distressing turn of events, I began researching boots over the weekend. In particular, the over-the-knee boot (also known as the OTKB in blogger talk). This is a tricky trend to pull off - firstly if you're not a supermodel with lengthy, slim-line limbs and secondly if you don't want to be confused with Julia Roberts' perfect rendition of a prostitute with a heart of gold in Pretty Woman

There are a lot of OTKB boots out there in retail-land, be it at bricks & mortar retailers or online. As they're slightly costlier than their to the knee little sister, you don't want to mess this up. Somehow, this decision seems very difficult, and one misstep could lead to complete wardrobe disaster and worst of all, I'll wear them once and banish them to the back of my wardrobe, only to hope to sell them on ebay many years hence when the trend is well and truly over. 

The first trick appears to be to wear the OTKB with a mini skirt of some kind. Pants don't seem to get a look in. I'm ok with that, as I have an aversion to wearing pants anyway (Beyonce, Lady Gaga and I have loads in common). 

Secondly, stick to black. It's safe, sexy and you'll wear it season after season.

The third trick seems to relate to where on your leg the boots finish. Some (like in the above pic) finish just scraping the top of the knee (the more common variety of OTKB), and others go nuts and slink halfway up your thigh. In that case, I suppose they are technically thigh-high boots... 


Finally, and inevitably like all items of clothing, shoes or fashion items of any kind, it really does help to be a supermodel.

What are your thoughts on this trend? Root, shoot or marry? 

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