Friday, April 4, 2014

Happy Friday: Time

I post about time quite a bit, and certainly spend quite a bit of time thinking about time. You can't help but be a watch checker, and cognisant of hours slipping away when you're sitting at a bus stop, staring at the departures board as your flight's delay is announced, and as you impatiently wait a week for the next episode of The Good Wife (addicted).

As a wedding gift, my husband gave me the gift of time, both figuratively and literally (there was a lovely box from the Rolex shop too). As he so eloquently explained in the letter that arrived on the morning of our wedding, he was giving me the gift not only of his lifetime but also all of his time, devoted to me - and all he asked from me in return was my patience. *sigh*

Advertising for watches is generally pretty standard: some sophisticated looking man or woman (depending on the watch, obviously), dressed fairly conservatively, doing something luxurious - strolling with a polo horse, popping off in your private aircraft for a weekend in France, effortlessly winning a tennis Grand Slam, sitting with lengthy legs crossed looking sumptuously relaxed.

Karl Lagerfeld has delivered a watch campaign for Chanel that challenges this notion (but also rather fits the type also, I must say). Below are a few images shot by Patrick Demarchelier from the campaign. Essentially, the model's body is positioned in such a way as to mirror the placement of the hands on the watch. I'm not sure if there's a deeper meaning here - synchronicity, in-tune with you - but the images are definitely representative of a certain type of elegance.

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