Friday, April 4, 2014

Women We Love

I love women. I love their drive, the sparkle they get in their eyes when they're talking about new shoes, a new job or a great idea they've just had. I love the way women approach things - diplomacy, tact, empathy, and not much shouting. I like how women smell nice, wear sparkly things and like to gossip. Women are rad.

It took me a while to get to that point, though. Women used to intimidate me, especially the really good looking ones - and definitely the killer combo of the really good looking/really smart/really nice girls. It used to blow my mind: how could it be possible to be all three things (or even two of that power-three) at once? I used to convince myself these girls were "fake", and that underneath that veneer of niceness was a dragon lady waiting to unleash and steal my boyfriend or my job or my friends. I was really, really dumb.

Maybe it was because I didn't grow up with sisters, and my reference point was generally from my brothers. Probably, it was just plain old insecurity and a dollop of immaturity. Whatever it was, I used to find it way easier to identify with guys than girls, and I would often invest more time in making friends with the male of the species. As I got older and wiser, I realized what a flawed approach this was. This is not to say that male friends aren't terrific (because they are), but female friends are that little bit more solid, more real and we can understand each other much better.

Girls rule.

Zoe Foster Blake, whom I ardently admire from afar (I really think being a stalker must be exhausting), is probably someone I would have been terrified of a few years ago. Today, I just think she is awesome and wish I could meet her. I've mentioned her before (she of Textbook Romance fame) and I am still a big fan. The last few weeks have seen her launch her latest book, The Wrong Girl, and she has just released a skincare range called Go-To.

Being a bit hopeless when it comes to beauty products (I still shop at Woolworths for skincare, and even then get totally overwhelmed and sometimes just walk out with another bottle of Vaseline Intensive care for no particular reason), I will point you in this direction to read about her new range here. It's all available online, and I am thinking of buying some of it - even if it does cost more than the $13.99 I usually pay at Woollies. Given another birthday is creeping up next week, perhaps it's time I started to invest properly in my skin. OR IS IT TOO LATE???!!!

On top of all THAT activity, she is expecting a baby fairly soon to hubby Hamish Blake. MULTI-TASKER.

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