Friday, March 21, 2014

Zuhair Murad Bridal

Is it wrong that I still look at wedding dresses, even though I've done my bridal dash? It's strange, but now that I have long since departed the wedding aisle, I am strangely more curious about wedding dresses than ever before. If someone tells me they're getting married, I now need ALL the details, whereas in the past I was barely vaguely listening about guest list dramas, meddling mothers and tiresome Bridezillas.
These bridal gowns from Zuhair Murad are gorgeous. I love the golden leaf belt incorporated in to most of the dresses, and I love the dreamy cascades of florals. My dress had a speckling of flowers in the skirt, and I kinda wish I'd had more now that I look at these dresses.

The skirt on this one is quite similar to my own. I asked my delightful dressmaker to
create this shadow effect - the slimmer silk layer with a dreamy tulle over the top. J'adore.

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