Monday, March 3, 2014

Graceful Goddesses, Sleeved Stunners and Structured Sirens: Oscars Round-Up

Red carpet season really is the best, and this year's Oscars have certainly delivered in the elegance stakes this year. There have been scarcely any daring outfits - it seems every lady on the red carpet has opted for muted elegance... Including Lady Gaga which was both strange and oddly lovely to see her dressed demurely. (Last time I paid much attention to her she was on stage at Brisbane Convention Centre wearing a G-string leotard, torn fishnets and a leather jacket).

She didn't even do anything crazy with her hair... I hope she's feeling OK.
What really stood out amongst the trends on the red carpet were only a few things: the rise of the sleeve (capped or long, it didn't matter); the goddess gown in all its gloriously full-skirt; and the structured, slim-line dress that showed off the waist and elongated the torsos.
Taking out the sleeve stakes in terms of length was definitely Angelina Jolie (she is so ridiculously beautiful)...
... but my favourite take on the sleeve trend was the capped sleeve on Naomi Watts and Calista Flockhart (in rather similar dresses, it must be acknowledged).

Not to make this Oscars round-up all about me, but I think I love the capped sleeve so much because I almost bought a Collette Dinnigan wedding dress in this style. The weird thing is, I just couldn't get my head around not wearing a strapless gown... Is that weird? I felt like I was passing up an opportunity to show off my arms and boobs. So I went strapless. The dress wasn't as tacky as I just made it sound, by the way. Hats off to these ladies for exercising EXTREME RESTRAINT when given the opportunity to show off their fabulous figures.
Next up is the goddess-y, dreamy, full-skirted gown. These were all delightful in their simplicity and muted tones. It was either a pastel (pretty pink for Penelope Cruz and stunning pastel blue for Lupita Nyong'o) or a really lovely oyster colour with sparkles.
Here are some of my favourites:

It's always so hard to choose a favourite, but Kate Hudson was a serious stand-out for me

Next up, we had the more structured dresses which really paid tribute to the female form.
Ann Hathaway really copped it for this dress, but I don't think it's totally dreadful.

Um... LOVE!

Another favourite
 What didn't we see on the red carpet this year? Thigh high splits, crazy chandelier jewellery and certainly an absence of too much bosom. All around, this was slightly dull for the lack of daringness, but beautiful for those of us who love a classic evening gown.

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