Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy Friday: Justice

As a Queenslander, I think it would be remiss to celebrate Friday this particular week without mentioning the final conclusion to the Daniel Morcombe case that has lingered in our collective consciousness for the past 10 years. Each Christmas, I think it is almost impossible not to spare a thought for the little boy who was abducted from the side of the road as he waited for a bus to buy Christmas presents and have a haircut. Deep down, we all knew it was unlikely he would be found alive. Worse, it was likely his end had been cruel and violent.

Yesterday, a jury found Daniel's murderer guilty following a remarkable police investigation that involved the creation of an elaborate national crime gang to trick the killer into an admission and to identify the final burial site of Daniel's small body.

Daniel's parents worked tirelessly and with an unwavering devotion to keep Daniel in our minds, and to bring his killer to justice. They fought for changes to ensure our children would be safer. The fight took a financial and emotional toll, but still they persisted. I can only imagine yesterday's decision was bittersweet for them. And now they move to another stage of grieving - the long goodbye not only to Daniel, but also the fight for justice which is now blessedly over. I hope they have found peace in the decision, and that the sentence (handed down next week) can provide them with some measure of satisfaction that justice has been served.

"You made one monumental mistake that day. You picked on the wrong family."
- Victim impact statement from Daniel's father.

So here's to the justice system, the tenacious love of a parent, the safety of your children, and the work of the police here in Queensland. Flawed or not, it was a monumental effort and justice has finally been delivered.

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