Friday, March 14, 2014


I don't care if this was for the supposedly sinister purpose of advertising (advertising can be a good thing you know!)... This video of strangers meeting and pashing/macking on/hooking in/hooking up/making out/etc is so lovely. I dare you not to smile at the end of this.

How GOOD and how awkward are first kisses? I love how they capture this. It's not just strangers that feel shy about their first kiss... In fact, and in my humble opinion, there is a proportionate relationship between how much you like someone and the awkwardness factor (which may simply be in your head). There is nothing more tantalizing than the question of when that first kiss is ever going to come, and whether you should be the one to initiate it.

Who hasn't let out that little giggle as they leant in for their first kiss with a crush? So many thoughts run through your mind: do we use tongue here? Do I grab his arse? Do I get hot and heavy, or make it sweet and gentle? IS HE THE ONE??? and so on, and so on.

First kisses are just so lovely.

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