Wednesday, February 22, 2012

You Must See

The Artist

Fabulous, heartwarming, brilliantly acted, a glorious soundtrack to boot AND with the most divine costumes (from the '20s, of course!) I highly recommend The Artist.

What is it? It's a French romantic comedy, set in Hollywood in the late 1920s as talkies (talking pictures) take over from silent film. At the heart of the film is Georg Valentin (and his adorable puppy) - once a star of the silent film world, staring into an abyss of obsolescence as youngsters with new, flashy technology take over the film world - previously Georg's domain. Keeping an eye on him throughout his fall from grace is up and comer Peppy Miller (who owes her entree to the film world to Georg). This is truly a delightful film, and all of the actors - Jean Dujardin (who has won countless awards for his work), John Goodman, James Cameron and Berenice
Bejo - are fabulous.

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