Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Day to Celebrate Love

Yes, yes I know. Valentine's Day is a Hallmark day designed to make us part with our hard earned cash, it's a crock, it means nothing... But gosh isn't it a lovely thing to make someone smile?

I have to say that the primary voice decrying Valentine's Day is the male one. Perhaps because the pressure is on them to perform...

What men fail to realise is that whether it's our birthday or Valentine's Day - we girls are always surprised (and overjoyed) to receive flowers. While we may hope that we'll receive them, we actually don't expect them... So the surprise and joy and gratitude is still there. Because let's face it - most men are unlikely to send flowers without some prompting (be it the need to secure your affections, it's your birthday, your dad/dog/whatever passed away on that date or it's V Day).

While I don't believe romance is dead, I do believe a little prompting is sometimes required. Which is why I see nothing wrong - and everything right - with celebrating Valentine's Day. Just don't do it in a chicken factory, mass produced, awkward dinner date at a thoroughly un-you restaurant kind of way. And for God's sake no Hallmark cards! xo

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