Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jacaranda Dilemma

Some time ago - and in a ridiculously well-planned and totally un-me manner of shopping - I purchased a dress for a wedding. A wedding that, at the time, was being held 6 months in to the future. I have no idea why I did this - probably the sales assistant running out the tired old "we only have a few left because they've just flown off the rack" and me falling for it out of my love of the dress.

Anyway. The dress is a lovely jacaranda colour. For those who don't know what jacaranda is (the colour) it is this:

A jacaranda is also a tree, with flowers in a bell-shape and coloured a lilac, light-coloured shade

of purple (herein known as jacaranda). Apparently the tree originated in South America, and after travelling there I can tell you with certainty Gondwana is true - there are parts of South America so similar to parts of Australia it is just not funny. Which explains why there are millions of jacaranda trees in Australia. Furthermore, if you ask anyone who went to university in Brisbane they will tell you that a jacaranda in bloom will always bring back the memories of exam time palpitations, as final exams always coincided with the jacaranda season. Sinking feelings a-plenty.

Irrespective of the exam-time blues, I adore the colour, which led me to my irrational (in
hindsight) decision to buy a dress months in advance of an event. So, so silly. Way too much
time to see other dresses I love! And also plenty of time to procrastinate on what I'll wear with it in terms of accessories - and now the wedding is just one weekend away, and I have no shoes, no earrings, no bag, no necklace. No bloody idea in summary!

And for once the internet just is not delivering inspiration.

The important thing about accessorising on this occasion is that I ensure I do not look in any way bridesmaid-ish, as the dress itself is a long, strapless dress in a single colour. Yes. Classic
bridesmaid dress. Oh dear. So I need to spice this little puppy up in order to not look like a bridesmaid-wannabe. But how?

As always, there are options.

1. The Fluorescent

Obviously, anything brightly coloured is very appealing. However, the wedding is at St Stephen's Cathedral, with a reception at the Sydney Opera House. I'm not sure fluorescent yellow or pink screams class, and I feel that this occasion requires polished classiness. Dang. I really like that yellow belo.

2. Minimal Accessories

These dresses are all well and good, and of course a supermodel and Kate Middleton - each styled by the best in the business - cannot be trifled with, however my dress is a little more Katie Holmes' in that it is strapless... The general rule with strapless seems to be to pare down the decolletage, and let it all happen at the waist.

Note: I have no plans on being an oompa-loompa like Katie. Fake tans seem to be accessories in themselves these days, don't they?

2. Gold Accessories

This is a no-brainer, really, and probably one of the leading contenders at the moment. The question remains, though, what tone do you approach make-up with?

So guys. Any thoughts? Apart from the fact that I should catch up with Ali once I'm down in Sydney? ;o)

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A Sunny Disposition said...

Yes! Hooray! I love the flouro yellow - this is Sydney baby - anything goes..!!