Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pitching A Tent

*sigh* You know you've lost your innocence when the phrase "pitching a tent" makes you think of male genitalia rather than the great outdoors...

Most people who know me express varying degrees of disbelief that I have ever slept in - let alone assisted in the pitching of - a tent. Most people do an Elaine like "get OUT!". I would like to say eff off to such nay-sayers, but frankly - they have a point. I feel like crying when I see an ugly hotel room. I know there are very few of us who can afford lovely hotels all the time (I am definitely in this category), but I can't handle those seedy, smoke-encased rooms with shiny polyester bedspreads painted in ugly floral. The death knell is always sounded for me when I see a tin of cockroach spray in the bathroom. GAG!

Anyway. I actually have been camping before (several times in fact, including in exotic Brazil), and I rather enjoyed myself. Mind you, the facilities were pretty good (there were power points right beside the tent = hair straightener action, and wi-fi... Wi-fi!). I also erected an additional tent to put the girls' bags in (dubbed The Wardrobe). It was an instant success, and I made a lot of friends out of this purely selfish act of lateral thinking.

However. Tents are simply not stylish. I don't care if you have a dome, a tee-pee or whatever - they're not stylish, and the only individuality you can express is with your camp chairs (or banana lounges, as the case may be). Until now!

Aren't they marvellous? What you lose in camouflage (no army trips to Afghanistan with these ones), you gain in quirky style. Once again - you're sure to make friends with these tents from the clever design folk at Field Candy.

Get a ... errrmmm.... tent!

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