Saturday, February 18, 2012

Happy Friday: Just Dance

This weekend I am disappearing into a 2 hour dance class... Something called Sh'Bam - I have NO idea what this is, but 2 hours of dancing sounds like a lot of fun to me!

As a girl who used to love nothing more than dancing the night away, I am hoping this will be as fun as it sounds. One thing about growing up and going to "classier" bars is that fun factor slides down a notch. The unfortunate thing about the bars that do play all the songs that I want to boogie the night away to are packed. And they are packed not with like-minded dance-lovers but greasy men out to gyrate against a woman until he finds one who'll go home with him, and the girls are sometimes not much better. *sigh*

I also got tickets to the Lady Gaga concert in June. I can't wait!!! The costume planning is beginning - I'm starting with a tutu and working from there!

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