Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Speaking of Books

Does anyone remember The Bride Stripped Bare? Which caused such a fuss in Australia, and resulted in the unveiling of Nikki Gemmel as the author - which caused much angst for her at the time.

I really enjoyed the book, didn't understand the controversy, and always hoped for more.

Well. For a change, one of my wishes has come true! Nikki Gemmell has a new book out - a follow up to Bride - called With My Body. Listen to her discuss it here.

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A Sunny Disposition said...

Oh wow I totally picked this up off the shelf at Borders over the weekend - nearly bought it! I loved The Bride Stripped Bare too - though it was pretty emotionally frought.. I have Pleasure-An Almanac for the Heart on my bedside table - it's wonderful.. x