Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Prudes and Nudes

The image above has apparently caused some heat under the collars of Australia's media agencies...

Ecoya's executive chairman Geoff Ross has explained that the image has been deemed "too controversial for billboards in Australia”, with Australian media agencies refusing to plaster the images across billboards anywhere here in Australia presumably for fear of stirring up controversy and courting censorship.

I am frankly surprised that there is an issue. Having been to many a music festival, sat under the blazing Australian sun on beaches across this country, and wandered through supposedly high end nightclubs of a Saturday night, I am acutely aware that the blatant flashing of flesh is hardly something that is either shocking or unusual in Australia. I've seen more breast and butt at these venues than the flesh exposed in Ecoya's frankly very tame advertisement (given it's a "Nude" range). It can hardly be considered tacky or risque... It's not like it's an American Apparel billboard, after all. (Read more here).

Following on from the controversy surrounding billboards promoting safe sex in the gay community, I can't help but wonder what is happening here in Australia. Are we too tightly tied to the apron strings of the Nanny State we've created for ourselves? Have we lost our sense of humour - and perspective - in the quagmire of political correctness? Or are we really just that prudish?

Well to loosen you all up, I suggest you check out these very quirky videos by Isabella Rossellini. Eat your hearts out prudes - remember: it's nature, bitches. Grow up and get in touch with your sexuality! You might even learn something!

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