Monday, October 10, 2011

Paris Week

Paris Fashion Week has just finished, so the blogosphere is alive with fashions from the streets of Paris. In other Parisian news, Lisa Curry Kenny's daughter is a dancer at the Moulin Rouge (Lisa considers the Moulin Rouge to be the Olympics of dance... not sure about that, but it is quite an achievement! Screw all those people who sniff down their nose at wearing a bejewelled g-string and high heels to work! PRUDES!); and Ali will be there in just over a week's time! Woot!!! I wish I was heading to Paris!

In order to live vicariously through Ali, and to (maybe) assist her in seeing what the peeps are wearing over there currently, here are some great shots of fashionable darlings as they sashay the streets of that lovely, croissant-lined city.

Of course, it is not a street style retrospective without a shot of ADR.

Really - she's so awesome. And those legs!

Hopefully Ali will find some delectable, well-dressed men in her travels:

These are my favourites:



A Sunny Disposition said...

Wow Wow Wow! There's nothing like a few sartorial images to make a girl feel underdressed....! But this post has definitely helped me cull my suitcase - thanks Rach! My faves are pics 2, 4 and 6! Hey and in pic 3 they have my satchels!! Good to know that I won't be out of place of there ;)

I have a few pieces that I feel fab in so I think I will be wearing them to death and handwashing at night - haha..! I do think I need to find myself some fabulous heels when I'm over there.. OMG less than 48 hours!!!!!!!! xx

Rachel said...

Woohoo! So exciting! And I thought you'd like the pics of the satchels!!